Mindy Lahiri Has A New Best Friend In This Week’s The Mindy Project

Credit: Richard Foreman/Getty Images

Mindy and Morgan learn the true meaning of friendship on the newest episode of Hulu’s The Mindy Project. Mindy’s oldest friend returns to town and the women decide to rekindle their friendship.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Mindy’s best friend from grade school, Alayna, has made it back to New York City after several years living in Germany. The gals have not seen each other since sixth grade when Alayna moved, but she and Mindy have kept in touch over the years, and it is time for the girls to get back together.

Alayna is deciding if she wants to return to Germany or move back to New York, and Mindy is determined to persuade her to stay. Mindy’s plan includes hosting a cocktail party at her apartment and inviting all the eligible bachelors she knows in the hope that Alayna will connect with one of them.

Things get a little sticky when Mindy tells Ben to invite a friend or two, and he invites Morgan. “As, like, a human guest,” in Morgan’s words. This is a first! Mindy is pretty pissed at Ben when she finds out, since Morgan’s attendance is typically reserved for cleanup the morning after. She is trying to attract a certain type of guy for Alayna and Morgan certainly does not fit the bill.

Later at the party, Mindy forces Alayna to mingle with some of her single friends, but they’re duds. First, Jeremy bombs with his British dad jokes, and then Jody offends with his white Southern male brand of charm. Instead of one of the two most handsome men in the room, she finds a connection with literally the last person anyone would think of – Morgan. The two leave the party together early and Mindy’s mind is absolutely blown.

Gossip Makes the World Go ‘Round

Meanwhile, Colette’s weird girlfriend, Karen, is still hanging around this week and she has seen something she can not unsee. When she was trawling fancy stores in the diamond district, Karen spotted none other than Ben in an expensive jewelry store with a ring box in his hand. WHAAAAT?!

The second Karen passes this information along to Tamra, it is sure to get around the hospital.

Once Ben gets wind of the rumor, he tries to track down the sources – obviously Tamra and Colette – and explains to them that he was actually selling his ring from his previous marriage. He asks the women to do something to tamp down the rumors circulating before they get to Mindy and she freaks out.

The women are on a mission and spread so many lines of nonsense that it is hard to keep track. Some of our favorites include: Jeremy is going to be deported, and Jody’s body created a new strain of HPV.

Double Date

The next day, Morgan and Alayna show up together at Schulman & Associates and coerce Mindy into a double date with them by asking Ben first and essentially forcing her hand. Mindy is genuinely concerned with Alayna’s judgment at this point, and (while funny) it’s kind of rude.

Alayna and Morgan’s vibe is still strong, and they seem utterly smitten when they join Mindy and Ben for dinner that night. The whole thing is getting more annoying to Mindy by the second, especially when Morgan begins telling funny/embarrassing stories about her like a parent would to embarrass their child. Finally, she can’t take it any longer and insists on getting a drink at the bar for some girl time with Alayna. When she can’t get through to Alayna about how she can do better than him, Mindy finally spits out what she has been dying to say: Morgan is an ex-con.

Morgan is a pretty bizarre character, but he has always been a good pal to Mindy and this was an act of betrayal. After Morgan walks out, Alayna also leaves, telling Mindy not to bother calling. Later on the subway, Ben tries to get to the bottom of it, even going so far to ask if Mindy really is in love with Morgan. Mindy admits that she doesn’t really think of person as a person, but more of a “singing candelabra that tells me I’m pretty.” Nice. However, she does eventually realize that it’s unfair for Morgan not to have his own life.

True Colors

Mindy goes to Morgan and Colette’s apartment to track him down and apologize, but it takes a bit to get past his roommate and her girlfriend. The two are very protective of Morgan, whose heart is broken. Eventually she makes it through and tries to make amends. Morgan is rightfully upset and asks Mindy why she would out him that way and try to ruin something good in his life. Mindy finally confesses that she may have been a bit jealous because she considers Morgan a good friend of hers, but she also doesn’t want his life to be better than hers. He is shocked, mostly because Mindy’s life is pretty sweet. She owns her own business, has a super hot nurse boyfriend, and has a great kid.

Somehow Mindy’s apology to Morgan turned into Morgan’s pep talk for Mindy, but at least the two are back to normal. Morgan even makes a comment about Ben and her getting married, which Mindy shrugs off. Possibly the best part of the whole episode is when Mindy tells Morgan that she actually considers him her best friend. At the admission, Morgan nearly cries.

After smoothing things over with Morgan, Mindy returns to her apartment and give Ben the rundown. She also tells him how much she loves him and their life together – and that she doesn’t want to get married. Ben looks concerned, but doesn’t say anything to the contrary. It isn’t until the two go to their own sides of the bed that we see a short flashback of Ben’s… In the jewelry store… Picking out an engagement ring…

What do we think, friends? Will Mindy change her mind when she eventually finds out Ben has a diamond hidden away somewhere for her? We know she will… She wouldn’t be Mindy Lahiri if she didn’t!

And how about that moment that we have been waiting five seasons for – the official BFF declaration! Morgan’s such an odd duck, but he surely keeps these people on their toes. We couldn’t be happier for him and his friendship necklace.

Abby Bertrand