Millie Bobby Brown Wants To Play This Iconic Star Wars Character

Credit: Interview

Millie Bobby Brown is way cooler than you.

Accept it. Embrace it. The girl is on fire with her highly praised performance as Eleven in Stranger Things. She has been cast in other projects following the massive success of the nostalgic show.

While Stranger Things definitely channeled The Goonies and other such fare more. You can see some Star Wars influences on it. Eleven, at least, seems very in tune with the force.

With that in mind, Brown definitely has a character in the Star Wars universe that she would like to play.

At Emerald City Comic Con this weekend, a fan asked Brown if she could pick any role then what role would she pick. Brown reached for the stars, in a role that does seem plausible.

She said: “Princess Leia, I love Carrie Fisher and it would be amazing to carry on her legacy.”

While we all do miss Carrie Fisher so much during this time. Should the Star Wars universe want to explore Leia’s past, then I think that Brown would be a good choice as well.

At least, we could get some explanation for that weird vaguely British accent Leia had in A New Hope. 

Don’t get me wrong. Carrie Fisher is an icon and her legacy would be hard to live up to. Out of anyone, I think that Brown could carry it quite gracefully.

Stranger Things‘ second season will be out on Halloween. Carrie Fisher will make her final appearance as General Leia Organa in Star Wars: The Last Jedi in December.

Bec Heim