Legends Of Tomorrow Teases New Member For Season 3: EP Talks New Character Not From Comics

Credit: The CW

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow has yet to wrap its sophomore season but lucky for fans, season 3 is already being slightly teased as far as what can be expected as far as who will be a part of the Legends team next season.

When Legends ended its freshman season, we said goodbye to three members of the team for various reasons. Leonard Snart died hero as he sacrificed himself to save his crew, and the Hawks bid the team adieu as they longed for somewhat of a normal life (not to mention, their purpose on the show was somewhat diminished when Vandal Savage was defeated).

Season 2 brought us Vixen and Citizen Steel as the replacement Legends, which have become fan favorites, but one does have to wonder if their time on the Waverider is coming to an end as well or if we’ll be saying goodbye to a surprising Legend. Or perhaps, the crew is just adding to the roster for next season.

Whatever it boils down to, another new team member will join the crew of the Waverider next season according to executive producer Marc Guggenheim. There is an added twist to the new member as it will not be a character from the comics, as Guggenheim explains.

“We’re drawing on an established character who is not from the comics,” Guggenheim said. “Let me be very clear: not original to the show but not from the comics and not from any of the other DC Arrowverse shows.”

Given all the name drops and slight hints to other famous DC characters on the various DC TV Universe shows, the list of possible new Legends can be quite extensive. Personally, ever since they hinted at her in Season 3 as being a part of the Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn would be quite the catch for the team as it does need a villain in the group.

You can catch DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on the CW on Tuesday nights.

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