Felicity Explores The Power Of Helix As Prometheus’ Identity Is Revealed In Arrow’s “Checkmate”

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After a whole season of mystery over who the Green Arrow’s masked enemy is, this week’s episode of Arrow finally clues Oliver in on Prometheus’ identity. In “Checkmate”, things take a surprising turn that leaves Team Arrow without its most vital member.

In hopes of finding answers as to why Prometheus’ fighting style seems so familiar to Oliver, he seeks out Talia al Ghul. To his surprise, his former mentor was aware of the other man’s agenda. She offered to train him because three years ago, Oliver had killed not only Prometheus’ father, but also Talia’s. She finally reveals her last name to Oliver, tells him she wants him to suffer for her father’s death. She then proceeds to uncover Prometheus’ secret – his name is Adrian Chase.

Oliver doesn’t waste any time and confronts Adrian, who promptly shows him that he is still the man in charge. He abducted Oliver’s girlfriend Susan Williams and is now holding her over Oliver’s head. If Oliver tries to kill Adrian, then so will Susan, likely from starvation and dehydration.

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He lets the team in and Dinah and Curtis go back to Adrian’s mother’s house, where they find a video of Prometheus’ torturing Susan, but no trace of the woman herself. Rene and Quentin confront Adrian at the office, so that Oliver and Diggle can take a look at his house.

At Adrian’s home Oliver runs into Adrian’s wife, and tells her that her husband is the star throwing killer. Knowing Oliver would use the chance to go after his loved one, Adrian has called the SCPD on the Green Arrow, who is the primary suspect in the murder of Detective Malone. Oliver barely manages to escape the dire situation.

On the other side of Star City, Felicity has finally decided to join Helix and give the project her full attention. When she first steps into the Helix headquarters with Alena she is surprised by how big of an organization it really is, and how big their technological reach is. With great power comes great responsibility.

Thanks to Helix, however, Felicity is able to find out that Adrian Chase’s real name is Simon Morrison. Oliver hopes that the evidence against Adrian (Simon?) is enough to get him arrested by the Anti-Crime Unit for identity theft.

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Oliver heads to the mayoral office to give a statement about the Green Arrow’s attack on Adrian’s home. He prompts the Green Arrow to reveal himself within 24 hours. If he doesn’t, then the SCPD has the mayor’s approval to shoot him on sight. Kinda twisted, Ollie.

Oliver takes the information about Adrian to Pike, who he orders to process it and start a case with the SCPD. Shortly after, Pike is attacked and ends up in a coma, undoubtedly the work of Prometheus. At Pike’s bed side, Oliver meets Adrian. He tells him that once he finds Susan, then he will kill him. Adrian then tells Oliver once again that if he touches him, Susan dies, and he will be responsible for it. Just like he was responsible for the death of his mother, or Tommy, or Shado. Oliver is noticeably shocked by how much Adrian knows about him.

Angry with the world, and frustrated about Adrian having the upper hand, Oliver takes to the Foundry and starts destroying the equipment. Diggle finds him and the two share one of their heartfelt bromance conversations. Oliver tells Diggle that while he relies on his team members, he turns them into targets. While Oliver believed the people closest to him give him strength, Adrian turns that strength into vulnerability.

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Felicity goes back to Helix for help on finding Susan. Alena tells her that at this point the organization is wondering when Felicity is going to do something for them in return for all the information they have provided. If Felicity wants continued access, then she will have to do a couple of favors for Helix.

What Helix asks her for is hacking Homeland Securities drone system and messing with the GPS data on it, which Felicity easily does. Almost too easily. Curtis warns her that what she is doing is no longer in a grey area. It’s straight up illegal, and morally questionable. It still gets her the information she needs.

The team storm the location, which they learn is rigged with bombs. Oliver finds Susan in an elevator, which Adrian controls. He tells her to leave as quickly as he can, while Oliver himself takes on Prometheus. Oliver has sent for Diggle to collect Adrian’s wife, his only vulnerability, who then sees her husband in full throwing star killer attire. While Oliver hoped this would stop Adrian, the other man shows that once again, he is determined to see his plan through. He stabs and kills his wife.

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A battle between Oliver and Adrian ensues. Oliver is short of killing Adrian when Talia interferes. The team runs to Oliver’s rescue, but they find the place deserted. Oliver is gone. Felicity knows the only way to get him back is to work with Helix again. She agrees to do whatever is necessary to continue using their resources.

Quentin brings Susan in for her statement against Adrian, but he once again trumps Team Arrow. He told the police that the Green Arrow killed his wife and that Oliver has disappeared. Can the team keep his secret save until they find him? And will they find him in one piece?

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Arrow delivers an incredible episode this week. Not only does the showdown between Oliver and Prometheus come to a climax as he finally learns who the man behind the mask is. We also get a greater insight into what Adrian’s plan is. The puzzle pieces slowly come together to form a picture. And at the center of it is Adrian Chase.

When Josh Segarra joined as the loyal and moral DA, we never would have believed he would turn out to be such a psychopath. This week, Segarra takes his performance to a whole new level. He makes Adrian more interesting and more compelling. He makes us want to hear more about his side of the story. Adrian continues to be the driving force behind this seasons major story arc, and Arrow could not have chosen someone better to execute that arc than Segarra.

With Oliver gone, can the team hold up against Adrian’s threats? Is Susan now an honorary member of the team now? How far will Felicity go before Helix’s power lands her in trouble? Does Oliver believe what he told Diggle, that his friends and loved ones are his vulnerability? There are so many questions this week’s episode has raised, and we simply cannot wait to learn (at least some of) the answers come next week.

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Favorite Lines:

Adrian: “Mr. Mayor, I didn’t think you’d be joining us this morning. I guess you know what I’ve been up to, huh?”
Oliver: “I’d like to see you in my office, please.”
Adrian: “Actually, can it wait? The councilmen and I are on a clock. Besides, you look a little ragged. You tired? Or is it that you’ve actually been asleep this whole time?”

Oliver: “You’ve done a wonderful job of convincing me that I am changing for the better. With the recruits and the transparency, more optimism, more trust.”
Diggle: “You think none of this would have happened if you hadn’t trusted Chase, right?”
Oliver: “Trusted anyone. Because I can’t see anything past me just creating more targets.”
Diggle: “Oliver, we’re not targets, man. We’re your team mates. We’re your strength.”
Oliver: “You give me strength, until Chase turns it into a weakness.”

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