ClexaCon 2017: The Way Haught Women Of Wynonna Earp Took The Stage By Storm

Credit: @njnic23

The Way Haught Women of Wynonna Earp panel was a fabulous way to close out the first day of the Con. This was especially true since it was announced that Wynonna Earp‘s first season will be on Netflix in May.

Moderated by Bridget Liszewski, the panel featured Dominique Provost-Chalkley (Waverly Earp), Katherine Barrell (Officer Nicole Haught) and Wynonna Earp showrunner, Emily Andras. The group had a discussion about season two along with what Way Haught has meant to the fans and cast members.

Andras also introduced a new cast member, Tamara Duarte, but was unable to reveal anything about her character.

Andras promised that season two will be even gayer than season one. Provost-Chalkley backed Andras up and added that “On a scale of one to gay, it’s pretty gay,” earning cheers from the audience.

Barrell talked about how the fans helped her learn about representation and the Bury Your Gays trope. Reading articles and listening to fans made her do some research, she wanted to make sure she was educated in order to do right by the fans. Provost-Chalkley described playing Waverly as “an eye-opener”. The fan response to season one reiterated the importance of doing it right and playing it truthfully.

One of the moments that made Barrell realize that Way Haught was going to be a big thing was the scene where Waverly and Nicole get into a small fight in Nicole’s police cruiser. The friction and tension between the characters stood out to her. For Andras, she knew it was special after watching the dailies from Nicole’s first scene. She had no idea that Nicole and Waverly would produce the fan response it did.

Early into season one last year, Andras announced that Waverly and Nicole would survive the season. She felt the need to reassure fans because of the number of queer female characters that had been killed off in 2016. When Barrell heard about it, her initial response was “Why would we get killed?”

Provost-Chalkley mentioned that was when she started learning about Bury Your Gays. It was really important to her that the fans were able to watch the season without any fear. Andras can’t give the guarantee that Way Haught will live again. Andras, however, did reiterate that she’s aware of the importance of these characters and how they are treated on the show.

Barrell got a haircut before season two started filming. She explained that she didn’t want to wear a braid anymore. She also wanted Nicole to be sexier and be able to let her hair down a little bit.

Andras talked about the challenge of balancing good storytelling with the happy ending that everyone wants. She stressed that it’s a relationship so that there’s challenges. Ultimately, you just have to be respectful to the characters and treat them like real people.

Provost-Chalkley got emotional when trying to answer a question about what she’s learned from Andras. She feels the show has come at a really important time for her. Its taken her on a huge journey. Andras has taught her that you can do something that really changes people’s lives. Barrell has learned how powerful it is to take the risk to make darker and uglier characters.

Andras talked about how the fans got the show a second season. The fans need to keep on doing what they’re doing and let Syfy know how much we love the show.

Barrell talked about how touched she is by letters from fans and when fans tell her how the character has helped them. She feels like she’s doing something good with her life. Andras got emotional talking about the number of fans who have come up to her and told her they want to be writers. She also mentioned that now is the time to do it

“This room is proof that there’s an audience for the stories we want to tell… So don’t let anybody tell you that there’s not an audience for the stories we want to tell.”

What do we have to look forward to in season two? We have some interesting scenes between Nicole and Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) to look forward to, especially now that Nicole and Waverly are dating. We’ll learn more about Nicole and her backstory. It’ll be a frustrating season for her. I’m really looking forward to learning more about Nicole. I enjoy my headcanon that she ended up in Purgatory because she’s avoiding an ex. I also cannot wait to see Nicole get mad. Waverly is apparently going to have an insane season that will show off Provost-Chalkley’s acting skills. We may see Bobo and Willa again.

Barrell described season two as “deeper and more raw.”

The panel ended with a reveal of the new season two poster.

You can watch the whole panel below or listen to the audio here.