Celebs Channel Their Inner Cher Horowitz In Passionate Reenactment Of Clueless Debate Speech

Credit: Paramount Pictures

The world sucks right now, folks.

There’s not really more to say to that. During this time, however, people are diving into their favorite media for comfort. We all do it. It helps us grow.

One of my fave films? Clueless.

It’s a seminal 90s teen classic. Sure I didn’t see it until the aught’s, but the point still stands. It has undeniable staying power and well just amazing appeal. Today, however, I’m here to talk about Cher Horowitz’s (Alicia Silverstone) debate speech. In her Cher way, she argues for pro-immigration.

Here’s the original speech.

Over at magazine, they had Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver, Lucas Hedges and Alden Ehrenreich recite the speech. The 20-year-old Hedges looks a bit confused as to what he is delivering. The other three seemed to get super into it.

Especially Driver.

Although, Garfield brought his best Cher Horowitz to the table. Enough to make me want a male version of Clueless with him involved in some way.

Check out the video below!


Bec Heim