Black Canary And Green Arrow Forever? Stephen Amell Weighs In On Possible Dinah/Oliver Romance

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When Arrow decided to kill Laurel Lance, who, by then, had taken on the Black Canary mantle, fans had been sad, shocked, and frustrated. Especially those that had held out hope for a romantic reunion between Oliver and Laurel.

After all, in the original comics the Green Arrow and the Black Canary are destined to be together, are eventually married (and divorced). Fans of the comics wanted to see that union on TV as well. Some individuals even went as far as hating on Oliver and Laurel’s romantic interests on the show. They were unable to see past the material that the comics offered.

Now, in season five, Arrow has introduced the newest addition to the team, Dinah Drake. In the original DC Comics, Dinah Drake was the very first woman to take on the Black Canary mantle. Chances are good that we are going to see her in more than just Laurel’s mask in the future.

What does that mean for a possible romantic entanglement between Oliver and Dinah? Is it inevitable for the Black Canary and the Green Arrow to end up together?

Arrow’s Stephen Amell talked to Entertainment Weekly about the possibilities that come with Dinah’s addition to Team Arrow.

“The idea that Oliver would end up with the Black Canary being Katie Cassidy or any new iteration thereof? To me, it could happen, it could not, but it’s certainly not destined to happen or predesigned to happen”, said the actor.

This answer does not necessarily give away his own opinion on the possible couple. It does clarify that Dinah was not brought into the show for the sole purpose of being the Green Arrow’s wife.

Watch the reveal of Dinah’s real name below:

While the original comics have functioned as the inspiration of the show, Arrow does not completely follow the storylines and relationships. It is, and continues to be, a show in its own right.

“There have been feuding factions in the fan base — people that call upon the comics and people that have lived in the universe of the show,” said Amell on the polarizing nature of Arrow. “I would say that we try to find a happy medium for both, try to live in the universe that the show has created where characters that weren’t a part of the Green Arrow mythos have become completely indispensable.”

And indispensable they have become. Characters such as John Diggle, Felicity Smoak, or Thea Queen have not existed at all or in a very different way in the world of DC Comics. On Arrow, they have taken on the most important supporting roles. Some might even say, they have made the show what it is today. Even Amell agrees, calling these characters and their relationships with Oliver elements “that make the show what they are”.

We couldn’t agree more. We don’t want to imagine a world in which the OTA does not exist. Where would Arrow be without the teasing and playful interactions of Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle down in the foundry?

How do you feel about the possibility of a Dinah/Oliver romance? Do you think it is a necessity for the show to do the comics justice? Or do you enjoy Arrow for what it is and are just excited to see where they go with Dinah’s character?

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