Billy On The Street Finds His Way To Sesame Street To Ask About Kindness

Credit: Tumblr

Watching Billy Eichner run up to confused people for Billy on the Street should be consider a New York right of passage at this point.

I have to admit watching the comedian, who has been cast in an American Horror Story mystery role, throw people off guard is kind of hilarious. But how would he handle the folks on Sesame Street.

Well Billy took his show on the road and found his way to Sesame Street, the actor teamed up with Cookie Monster to get some on the street reactions from the people who live there.

It is simultaneously adorable and hilarious because Billy is looking for more kindness and compassion on this iconic street.

Literally this is so cute that I want to throw up. Just that intense, “I’m very nice” had me laughing.

Also that ending? IT WAS SO SWEET!

Bec Heim