Beauty And The Beast Star Dan Stevens On Trying To Find The Beast’s Humanity

Credit: Disney

Beauty and the Beast will finally be released tomorrow.

With it, fans are promised a deeper explored “tale as old as time”. We’ll see the Prince before the curse, Belle with her mother, and more. I’m personally super excited about it.

Although, the question does arise. How does the actor find humanity in a person that was turned into a monster?

While that’s a question you could ask Eric Bana, Edward Norton and Mark Ruffalo with different answers I’m sure. Dan Stevens talked to about finding his character’s humanity.

“I think there’s a bit of Beast in all of us. That was kind of the way that Emma [Watson] and I wanted to approach both of the characters, really. It was exploring the masculine and feminine energies, and sort of the essence of the myth. The Beauty and the Beast in all of us.”

Wow that’s actually really deep. It does place a new lens to look at the story through.

He also talked about where the Beast is mentally when Belle comes into his life.

“I think that we were looking at those qualities led him to be cursed, the period of time he’s had to reflect on those, and how many of those he may have already remedied in his own mind and being. And what Belle then comes and finds in him. So, it’s really about Belle finding the man in the Beast. The good man inside the Beast, or the good man inside of the bad man…and redressing that balance in him, I think.”

Well we’re going to see how successful it comes across tomorrow. But I’m down to see it.

Beauty and the Beast will hit theatres March 17th.

Bec Heim