Alex Goes Off The Rails To Find Her Father And Bring Down CADMUS In “Exodus” On Supergirl

Credit: The CW

Hey hey, Supergirl fans!

Last week was an emotional whirlwind. Tonight? Stuff is about to go down, my friends. Quick rundown, Jeremiah turned out to have cybernetic parts (Cyborg Superman?) and stole the Alien Registry from the DEO. Alex couldn’t kill her father and let him go. And it was just so much pain.

So what’s the plan CADMUS has? Well let’s find out, shall we?

Abduction: An adorkable family drives down the road singing along to the show. They are stopped by a police officer, who is CADMUS, and they are taken hostage. At the DEO, they talk about what to do about the abductions. Jeremiah Danvers is an alien combatant. Kara wants to get the news out there. Rather than being anonymous, she tries to slip it past Snapper as a Supergirl story. Snapper, however, wants actual journalism to get down. Kara brings up Snapper interviewing Supergirl. At the bar, Alex and Maggie have a talk about Jeremiah. Alex wants to bring in her father peacefully rather than it being a hail of bullets. Winn introduces Lyra to James and they are so adorable as a couple. Winn tells James about how he wants to take his time with her romantically. Then CADMUS attacks the bar. It’s not pretty. Lyra is captured and Winn is devastated. Alex tries to get to her, but a CADMUS agent holds her at gunpoint. Guardian is able to knock out the bad guy. But Lyra is driven away. NO LYRA! DO NOT HURT HER SHOW!

Tension: At the DEO, Winn is freaking out about Lyra. He goes off on everyone there. It snaps something in Alex who goes and beats up their prisoner. Apparently, CADMUS puts something in their employees that will killed them Suicide Squad style. J’onn pulls Alex out and says that they need a deep breath and stiff drink. At Catco, the interview begins and it does not go well. Why? Well Snapper is a real journalist. He can’t get a source from a government blacksite. The story is dead without someone verifying something. At her apartment, Alex finds Jeremiah waiting for her. He tries to convince her that they need to act and act alone. Alex is about to agree to help when it turns out that it’s J’onn! J’onn, that was harsh but necessary, suspends the emotionally compromised Alex from the case. At the CADMUS HQ, Jeremiah and Lillian watch Project EXODUS commence. Much like Lex, she thinks that humans rely too much on “gods”. The kidnapped aliens are alive but being led to the spaceship.

The Case: Alex calls Kara over and begs her to talk with J’onn. While Kara does not agree with J’onn’s methods, she does agree with his decision. Alex is too emotional about Jeremiah to focus on the case. She leaves apologetically. Maggie, however, disagrees with Kara after she leaves. Maggie you are a cop! YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS STUFF! At Catco, Kara runs into Lena who is there to meet her for lunch. Aww that’s so cute. Kara explains to Lena about what CADMUS is doing. Lena wants to help. She encourages Kara to get the news out. Lena offers to help by going through LuthorCorp records. Another alien is about to get abducted, but Maggie and Alex are able to stop it. They are also able to get CADMUS’ location. Maggie lets Alex go by herself. (SERIOUSLY?!) At the office, Lena finds out where Lillian may be hiding whatever’s happening to the aliens. Her secretary turns out to be CADMUS and Lillian tells her to non-fatally take care of Lena. Alex breaks into the base where she runs into Jeremiah.

Exodus: Jeremiah reprimands Alex for coming to him. She finds out about Exodus, which is putting the aliens on the freighter and shipping them back home. Wow this is definitely written post-Trump. Alex tells her father off for doing this. No one in the family will want this to happen. At her apartment, Kara internally debates on whether or not to publish the article. Mon-El convinces her to publish the article. After, Kara gets a call from Lena. She’s attacked by two CADMUS goons. Kara saves her and Lena tells her what she knows. At CADMUS, Lillian finds out about Kara’s article. (Way to show your hand, Kara!) She prepares to launch the ship, but Alex has bombs all over the place. Alex detonates, but Lillian still launches the ship. She starts the sequencing anyway. Jeremiah tries to help, but Henshaw takes him out. On the ship, Alex starts to free the other aliens. Unfortunately, the ship starts to launch. That is really not good.

Lost in Space: The DEO gets the alert about the ship’s launch. Alex calls in for help with it. Winn tries to walk her through it. They need to slow down the ship. Kara arrives to help slow it down to give them time. The ship tries to attack her, but Kara keeps trying to push it back. Jeremiah and Henshaw fight, but it’s Alex and Kara where the real action is. Except nothing seems to be working. It’s really, really tense. Kara keeps trying, but it seems like she can’t stop it. Alex and Kara do the hands against the glass wall thing. Alex tells Kara she can do this. Man if this was paced better, then it would have made a great season finale. Kara keeps trying and trying to stop it. It seems like she can stop it. GOD THAT WAS SO GOOD! I wish this was the season finale instead! Kara is able to stop it and save Alex and the other aliens.

Aftermath: Lyra and Winn are reunited at the bar. And it’s such a sweet moment. Meanwhile, there is hell to pay at Catco in the aftermath of Kara’s article. She’s been fired. Snapper gives her a long and hard talk about the rules of journalism. It’s something that Kara definitely needed to hear it because she’s not a good journalist! I agree with Snapper. The rules are here for a reason. At the DEO, Alex makes her own apologies to J’onn. J’onn apologizes for the stunt he pulled with Jeremiah. He wanted to protect her, not hurt her. The two of them hug each other and agree to stop doing the wrong things for the right reasons. J’onn wants Alex to come back to work. He hopes that they can get Jeremiah back one day. Maggie is happy that Alex got the job back. Aww so sweet! Mon-El comes by with potstickers and consolation about her job. Kara liked to write because it was something she was good at, not because of the sun. Maybe Mon-El and Supergirl will be enough for her. In space, we see who I’m assuming are Mon-El’s parents arrive at the Moon.

Bec Heim