“Abra Kadabra” Leaves Misery In His Wake For Barry And Company On The Flash

Credit: The CW

Happy Flash day, friends!

Last week, the show reminded us how much fun it could be with its Supergirl crossover. I wish the fun could stay. With Barry and Iris engaged, her death looms even larger as the future works toward the present.

So let’s dive right in and see if this Abra Kadabra guy is legit, yeah?

Warm-Up: Two security guards talk about their future unemployment when a meta shows up to make magic puns. He traps the guards in a case and start to fill it with water. Which dick move, bro. You got away. Iris and Barry tell Joe and Cecile about the engagement. She has tickets to Hamilton on the first week of July. Everyone gets quiet because who knows if Iris is going to be alive by then? Barry promises he will save her. Meanwhile, Cisco vibes about the future. It still hasn’t change. Caitlin wants to understand the problem, but they can’t understand it until hindsight. Barry, Joe, and Julian get called to a crime scene. Cisco sees Caitlin and Julian’s…chilly relationship. (Sorry!) Joe, Barry, and Julian look over the dead guards. They have no clue about the tech stolen or how the water got in. Barry and Joe are feeling the time crunch. Cisco calls Barry about a robbery at Kord Industries. The evil magician has a lot to say about the future and tries to make an escape. Gypsy comes in, and it seems like she has a history with this guy as well. He disappears in a hail of cards. Bro, I get the whole menance here. But I’m just calling you Evil Criss Angel in my head.

Abra Kadabra: Gypsy gives the team the low down on Evil Criss Angel, Abra Kadabra, at STAR Labs. They think that his powers come from some kind of bio-nano technology. A.K. is from the 64th century according to Gypsy. A.K. is most wanted by Earth-19. Cisco continues to awkwardly flirt with Gypsy. Barry tells Iris and Joe about what A.K. said about the future. Iris is more worried about Gypsy, who will take him back to Earth-19 immediately. Cisco continues to awkwardly hit on Gypsy with offers of tech. He, however, finds A.K. by looking for peole who vibrate at a different frequency from Earth-1. It turns out that A.K. made a hologram of himself to trick them. At STAR Labs, A.K. sets off an explosion with Joe, Julian, and Caitlin there. Barry catches A.K., who offers Savitar’s name for his freedom. Gypsy demands A.K. be handed over, but Barry punches him out instead.

The Choice: They stick A.K. in the Pipeline. Gypsy agrees to let them talk with A.K., but he’s going back to Earth-19 for death. A.K. tells them that Savitar is the first speedster. Barry will defeat him only after Iris is dead. Iris, however, wants his name. Now. A.K. refuses until he is freed. Cisco wants to know why Gypsy is so hell-bent on bringing him in. It looks like A.K. killed someone important to her on her Earth. But she is bringing him in. Caitlin patches up Julian and apologizes for hurting him. She understands if Julian doesn’t trust her, but Caitlin hopes he forgives her. Barry looks at some childhood photos at the West house. Iris points out that this could be a trick, but Barry is convinced its legit. Barry feels like the universe owes them a win. Iris, however, points out that she is not worth letting A.K. free. Deep down, she knows that Barry doesn’t want that either. In the Pipeline, Joe comes to talk with A.K. The two strike a deal. Right before, A.K. tells Joe the name Gypsy bursts in allowing him to escape. In the future room, A.K. finds a strange glowing ball. Joe tries to get the name again, but A.K. blows them all up. Caitlin is injured with a pipe sticking through here.

From The Frying Pan: Everyone rushes Caitlin into the med unit. They can’t take her to the hospital because of Killer Frost. Her powers could heal her, but she refuses. The shrapnel, however, could pierce her kidney and do major damage. So Julian, with help from Caitlin, is going to have to operate on her. Caitlin is such a freaking badass. Joe leaves the room where he is confronted by Gypsy. Gypsy tears into him, but Joe is always going to put his family first. Gypsy tells Cisco about her partner on Earth-19. A.K. killed her partner and she is going to bring him in. Caitlin walks Iris and Julian through the process. The last piece of shrapnel is a tricky one, but Julian gets it out. Caitlin makes it clear that she would rather die than be Killer Frost. Gypsy realizes that the tech A.K. is stealing could build a time machine. A.K. puts the orb into the makeshift time machine. Gypsy wants to go after A.K. alone, but Barry lays it out for her. They need him to prevent a death. The only way they can do this is together. Gypsy seemingly agrees. A.K. leads Team Falsh through a city wide chase. A.K. opens up a time portal, but Barry is able to get A.K. He does dangle about what he knows. Seriously fuck this guy.

Into the Cold: Team Flash has their own little moments of sadness. Barry is not going to stop Gypsy, but he begs A.K. for the name. A.K. tells Barry that they have been enemies for years. Savitar is the villain that truly breaks Barry. Now A.K. gets to help with that. Gypsy wants to know where this leaves her and Cisco, but he doesn’t know. Julian keeps the sleeping Caitlin company. Julian gives Caitlin an update about A.K. Julian expresses his admiration for Caitlin throughout the surgery. The two of them have a really sweet moment where it looks like they may be on the path to healing. At the West home, Iris brings Joe a drink. He apologizes to Iris for A.K. Joe tells Iris about how he watched her sleep because he was terrified she would have crib death. Barry has an idea of how to save her. He has a plan to run to the future to get the answers they need. Cisco brings Caitlin Jell-O who bemoans his lack of love life. HR tells them about his two-day love romp. After HR leaves, Caitlin starts going into convulsions. She then flatlines. (What the fuck happened?!) They keep trying to revive her with no success. It looks like she is dead for real. Julian rips off the necklace as Cisco protests. Her powers could heal her. Julian refuses to let her die. Of course that means that Killer Frost is awake. A wave of cold pushes them all back as Frost takes over.

Well…shit son. That is not good.

Come back April 25th! We get to see Barry’s shitty wig, new costume, and Killer Frost.

Bec Heim