Tom Hiddleston Gives Insight Into His Process And Versatility

Credit: DALiM

Tom Hiddleston’s fans often mention his smile.  The fact that it lights up a room, or at least a photograph for those who haven’t seen said smile in person.

GQ writer Taffy Brodesser-Akner’s article hints the origin of that smile might just be Tom’s bottomless enthusiasm and zeal for – well, everything.

Taffy was fortunate enough to spend a couple of days in Tom’s company in early January for a profile interview and fashion shoot . Amongst other things, they covered conscientious acting and the post-truth phenomenon of fake news.  They also got a great GQ fashion shoot – but what else would you expect from Tom Hiddleston.

Taffy’s encounter included home-made bolognese and pre-dawn strolls through some of London’s beautiful parks. To Tom, walking isn’t just walking. It fulfills many roles – helping him work out parts, deal with what’s going on in the world, and process triumph and heartbreak.

Tom’s appeal as an actor is partly due to his work ethic. Acting isn’t about lying or pretending, he says. His versatility in bringing the characters to life, whether that’s a depressed vampire, a gallant, doomed WW1 soldier or a Country legend is down to the full-on effort he puts into creating each as a real person.

His research and preparation are meticulous, even obsessive, for each role. Even down to training with a Navy SEAL for his role as an ex-SAS tracker in Kong: Skull Island, out next month.

Tom isn’t just a great actor though. He is a supporter of women’s rights and the environment, as well as being a respected UNICEF ambassador who has twice visited South Sudan on their behalf. More reasons why his fans love and respect him so much.

We know the press doesn’t always get their facts straight – Tom is no stranger to that (something which Taffy inadvertantly became part of). Tom hasn’t in the past been known for discussing anything much outside his work.  In these post-truth days of fake news and alternative facts, though, he hints maybe it’s time for that to change. “.. we have to risk more, we have to be braver, we have to be more outspoken.”

The GQ article gives us more insight into the quiet, vulnerable side of a man who is so often photographed with that brilliant smile. Thoughtful, intelligent and charming – as Taffy says, “a sweet-natured bookworm trapped in the second act of a movie where the overlooked geek has been given the face and body of the only man who should ever be allowed to wear a suit”.

Carolyn Hucker