Thor: Ragnarok Director Teases His Cameo And Does Civil War Comparison

Credit: Marvel Studios

Thor: Ragnarok will be released later this year. It will be fun to see what Thor (Chris Hemsworth) got up to while the insanity of Civil War was happening on Earth.

It’s also excited because it will be the first Marvel film directed by someone who is not a white male. Taika Waititi is a hellaciously gifted filmmaker. I’m such a huge fan of his so it’s going to be thrilling to see him work in a blockbuster.

Speaking with the A.V. Club recently, Waititi gave some interesting insight into Civil War. The interesting bit? It was mainly a human conflict. Ragnarok will always have that human element has well.

He said: “Sometimes I would stop and think, I’m doing a movie that’s got Thor and Doctor Strange and The Incredible Hulk and Loki and every character is so strange and different. Civil War it’s just humans, humans with human problems. Ours is creatures and beings and all these sorts of really different characters. Again displaying human problems, but in outer space or in other worlds.”

That’s a very interesting way to kind of ground the Marvel universe. While there are gods and aliens and monsters and men running around, the themes of the films are very human-oriented.

Something fun that’s going to be happening in the film is a cameo by Waititi. As many fans of his know, he is an actor and a ferociously funny one at that.

He was, quite naturally, coy about his cameo.

Waititi said: ”It’s not like a thing that I’ve ever planned, but now I’m in all of my movies in a small role or a larger role. I’ll probably just keep doing that. It’s like a dumb thing I do now.”

Well hopefully his cameo appearance in Ragnarok will lead to more Marvel acting opportunities for Waititi? Maybe? That would be really boss is what I’m saying.

Thor: Ragnarok hits theatres November 2017.

Bec Heim