This Week’s DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Celebrates The Bad Guys In “Legion of Doom”

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It feels so good to be bad. Episode #2.10 of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow focuses on the villains of the show. You hate to love them as much as you love to hate them. After all, a good enemy is the key to an interesting program. In “Legion of Doom” we follow Eobard and his “henchmen”, and we finally learn what the speedster is truly after.

Star City, May 2016
The episode begins with a return to Star City 8 months ago. After watching Damien Darhk die on his television screen, Malcolm is surprised when the man himself, accompanied by Eobard Thawne, pays him a visit. The two men ask him to join their group, a group we would soon know as the Legion of Doom.

Present Day
Back in the present day, the three amigos are not getting along quite as well. While they managed to capture Rip Hunter, or the shell of him that is left, they are still no closer to actually acquiring the rest of The Spear of Destiny. Malcolm and Damien continue to bicker over trying different methods of approach; hynopsis vs torture. However, nothing seems to work. When Damien removes one of Rip’s teeth he finds it is inscribed with a mysterious barcode – a security deposit box in Switzerland.


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Zurich, 2025
Eobard sends Malcolm and Damien to 2025 to apprehend the remaining pieces of the spear. Once again the two men clash over their contrasting approaches; while Damien wants to storm the bank and demand access, leaving a bloodbath behind, Malcolm thinks it would be smarter to use Rip as an asset, and proceed with a clear strategy. They also discuss how little they know about Eobard’s plans for the spear.

The two men settle on sending Rip in to retrieve the item in the security deposit box, which proves difficult, as he is not in the possession of the access code. Eventually, they are left with no choice but to wreak havoc on the bank and its employees.

The mission-gone-wrong is just another conflict added to the long list for Damien and Malcolm, and this time they take the fight to a physical level. The two trained assassins go at it until Rip interrupts them and reminds them that Thawne is to blame for their discrepancies. Malcolm wants to change his past, and Damien wants to save himself in the future. But what does Eobard want with the spear? He may have pitted them against each other at first, but once Malcolm and Damien join forces, trouble is on the way.


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The two demons break into the bank vault themselves and retrieve the contents of the security box. Eobard joins them and explains that it is a mnemonic archive, a device that stores memories, precisely Rip’s memories. Now that Eobard has joined them in the vault, Malcolm locks the door and forces him to explain his motives. The speedster admits he needs Merlyn and Darhk just as much as they need him. He tells them that he is running from a monster, a thing, something similar to a time wraith, monsters who hunt speedster messing with the speed force.

Once the balance between the baddies is restored, they decide to help rid Eobard of the monster pursuing him. The thing is able to sense speed, therefore Eobard has to stay still and cease to use his powers. They are able to lock it away, but that is only a temporary solution.

Now in the possession of Rip’s memories, the Legion hopes to find the location of the spear of destiny. But they also have information on Rip’s past, which will have significant ramifications in next week’s episode…


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Central City, 2017
Meanwhile, the legends are trying to get Rip back. In hopes of finding out more about the medallion they took from the legion, they head to Central City. Martin suggests to visit an acquaintance of his, who turns out to be his daughter Lily, a time abbreviation he caused. He invites her to the Wave Rider to take a closer look at the medallion’s functions.

Together with Ray, Lily hooks up the medallion to Gideon. In an unfortunate moment, Mick reveals the circumstances of her existence to Lily, who then confronts her father about it. She finally makes sense of his strange behaviour when he first travelled to Central City. Lily is heartbroken to learn that her father never truly planned to have children, and barely remembers her childhood. In the end, they are able to patch things up, as Martin tells her the whole truth about what led to her existence, including the fact that he is a superhero.

Sara, Nate and Amaya on the other hand deal with the mystery that is the unknown speedster. Who is he and what is his endgame? Martin finally puts the pieces together. The speedster is Eobard Thawne, who would have been erased from existence by the death of Eddie (as we learned in the season one finale of The Flash). Now he is running from the speed force, and time itself, needing the spear to change reality and secure his existence.


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This week’s episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow felt like a filler episode, because it was. And a necessary one at that! The audience had been able to follow the show’s heroes on their journey, but so far we had no insight to how this particularly interesting group of villains was formed. This episode gave us that insight we needed to understand their motivation. It also gave us the glorious scene of the two sassiest villains alive, Malcolm and Damien, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Season two more than makes up for the lack of an appealing villain in season one.

The legends themselves have certainly taken a step back this episode. Apart from Martin’s conflict with his daughter, they only spent the episode wondering about the powers of the medallion, as well as who they are actually up against.

This week it truly was the bad guys’ time to shine.


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Favorite Lines:
Rip: “It’s just like the movie “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” Three bad guys. No one knows who to trust. So they all end up screwing each other over. …The point is that neither of you are Clint Eastwood and so neither of you end up going home with the gold.”

Martin: “I didn’t want children. But if there’s one thing my travels aboard the Waverider have taught me, it’s that time often doesn’t provide us with what we want. But it’s quite adept at giving us what we need. And I needed you in my life… In ways that I could never even dare to imagine.”

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