The Mindy Project Is Back – And So Is Peter Prentice!

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Mindy Lahiri and the gang from Schulman and Associates are back from hiatus! The first two episodes back have been packed with so much action that we can’t keep up. So let’s break it down, shall we?

A Second Chance (And a Third, And a Fourth, and a Fifth)

Last week’s episode featured Mindy still fresh off her breakup with hottie nurse Ben. She’s reeling from it, as she should be, and resorts back to her old ways of blaming everyone else for her problems. Our episode starts with dear Mindy waking up to the best ringtone ever (“Call Me Maybe”) and subsequently dropping her in a glass of… something. Her day manages to get worse as she goes, including starting a diet, offending a patient, and facing off with Ben at the hospital just as he is about to fly off and see his ex-wife. Ugh, can the day get any worse?

Imagine her surprise, though, when she wakes up the next morning only to live the same Wednesday over and over and over again, a la Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Through “months” of trial and error, Mindy finally figures out how to act like a human being and get Ben alone for a conversation. Let’s be real, though – this is Mindy we’re talking about – and she definitely took some days/weeks to be selfish and act like a crazy person.

However, once Mindy realizes this is her chance to win Ben back, she goes all in on her plan, even going so far as to read comic books, watch Star Wars, and take a genuine interest in Ben’s hobbies. And it works! Finally, one Wednesday, Mindy interrupts a great conversation with Ben to warn him he is going to miss his flight with his daughter if he doesn’t get going. This means a lot to Ben, and he tells her as much the next day—Thursday! The episode ends with the two of them agreeing to give it another go.

Mazel Tov, Lindsay!

Tuesday’s new episode finds Mindy and Ben blissfully getting reacquainted in their relationship. They’re about to spend some time apart, though, when their weekend plans don’t line up. Our favorite OB/GYN, Peter Prentice, is back in New York to visit Mindy, and Ben’s daughter, Lindsay, is about to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah. When Mindy finds out about the Bat Mitzvah, she gets excited and wants to celebrate with Ben’s daughter, but he suspiciously deters her, reminding her of her weekend plans with Peter. When Peter finds out, things change…

The pair of weirdos (Mindy and Peter) decide to crash, especially after Lindsay tells Mindy via text that her dad said she had to work. There is definitely something fishy going on, even though Ben claims the event would be boring and awkward for Mindy. The two figure out that the problem could be Ben’s ex-wife, who will be at the Bat Mitzvah. When they show up to the party, things quickly go south.

Double Trouble

Dr. Jody has hit the dating scene once again, and Collette and Morgan are concerned that he is dating a Mindy Lahiri replica. His new lady friend is Indian, pretty, shallow, and vain. Upon further investigation, Collette and Morgan discover that the new girlfriend does not actually like Jody, and has been dying to break up with him; but whenever she tries, he showers her with gifts. When the pair confront Jody, he laments that he doesn’t want the new girlfriend, either. He doesn’t miss Mindy, but misses the way she made him feel. Unfortunately for him, those feelings linger whether you find a knock-off replacement of your ex or not.

Say What?

When Ben discovers Mindy and Peter at the Bat Mitzvah, he is eager to get them out of there, before his ex-wife sees her. He isn’t fast enough, though, and she spots the group. Mindy and Peter lie about who they are, claiming they are both rabbis, and the ex pulls them aside for some Jewish wisdom. She claims that she wants to get back together with Ben, but asks if relationships can be salvaged when one party cheats. Poor Ben… His ex-wife cheated on him, right? WRONG. It turns out Ben was actually the cheater, which is news to Mindy.

Lindsay walks in on the conversation and is stoked to see Mindy at the party, and the ex figures out who Mindy really is. After an overdramatic showdown in which Mindy calls out Ben on his cheating, the party crashers head out. Ben stops by later to explain the situation and how he was desperate for a way out of his marriage, but his ex wouldn’t let him. Mindy, who is learning to trust, takes his words at face value.

A few days later, Ben’s ex-wife strolls into Mindy’s office looking awfully smug. Mindy wishes her safe travels back to St. Louis, and the woman looks satisfied as she explains her desire to be closer to her daughter in New Jersey. Yes, that’s right – Ben’s ex-wife is moving to the East Coast, y’all. It’s time to buckle up!

What do you think of Mindy’s reunion with Ben and the revelation that Ben was once a cheater? Is he finally “it” for Mindy? It seems like only time will tell, and with some new obstacles in the way, it’ll take plenty of time. Leave your thoughts below!

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