“The Martian Chronicles” Takes Supergirl Into A John Carpenter-esque Territory

Credit: The CW

Hey Supergirl fans!

It’s about to get intense in here this week. The White Martians are coming. They’re coming for M’gann. They also probably want J’onn dead as well. Big. Time. Last week, they tried to kill M’gann with a psychic attack. J’onn pulled her out of it. We also saw Kara learn the truth about James and Winn. It looks like that kind of fracture is not healing anytime soon. Maggie and Alex are still supes cute for those wondering.

Let’s check out this newest outing, shall we?

Awkward: Things have been weird since Mon-El was honest with Kara. She wants to be honest with him back. The truth is? She’s not certain if they would be good for each other. It just gets…so very, very awkward. Stop talking hon! Alex comes over and Kara commiserates with her sister. She’s even more excited about with her Earth birthday, which she and Alex celebrate. Except Alex has to cancel to go out with Maggie for VIP tickets with the Barenaked Ladies. M’gann tries to get Kara liquor and it turns out Mon-El has been drinking club soda. M’gann heads outside where J’onn is waiting. Apparently, he has been following her and waiting for the White Martians to attack. Here comes one to attack them both now. Kara joins to help them fight, following the Martian when it runs. Winn and Kara have a quick fight as they look for the White Martian. Winn tells Kara that he may have a calling. I guess being a secret agent for the DEO isn’t a calling. J’onn wants to bring the White Martian in, but leave M’gann out of it. M’gann is having none of it and goes back to work. That’s where the White Martian aka her douchebag ex-husband shows up. He lays it out in a way that would make Donald Trump pleased. Eventually, it comes down to this: M’gann is coming with him or he is going for her friends.

Run: M’gann prepares to run to protect her friends. J’onn goes to stop her and tells her to stop running. M’gann does not want to see J’onn and her new friends hurt. Maggie and Alex are pre-gaming before the show. Alex is worried that she may have hurt Kara’s feelings. Maggie tells Alex not to push down her feelings and to go talk to her sister. Alex goes to the DEO and apologizes to Kara. Kara assures Alex that she is not mad and she wants her to have fun with Maggie. M’gann and J’onn enter when another M’gann comes down the stairs. Apparently, the one J’onn had a moment with is the ex-husband. J’onn and the ex-husband fight. It gets very dark and horror like. The lights come back on, but the White Martian is gone. J’onn puts the place on lockdown because it could be any of them. And it has turned into the Thing.

Greg Berlanti’s The Thing: The group gathers around the table. J’onn cannot figure out who is the White Martian due to psychic interference. Since the WM are psychic, he can impersonate any of them. It takes approximately .5 seconds for things to get tense. Sidearms are drawn. Eventually, however, a test is devised. Apparently, fire shows the color of the White Martian’s natural skin. Due to obvious reasons, J’onn is not happy about the fire. And it turns out that the White Martian is Winn. Where the fuck did Winn go? White Martian Winn escapes and sabotages the reactor core for the building. If it explodes, then it will take ten city blocks out. Apparently the White Martian Winn, Armac, has Winn’s intellect and has locked them out of the systems. They need to find Winn who is hidden in the building. Kara cannot use her X-Ray vision because J’onn had lined said building with lead. While looking for Winn, Alex and Kara have a heart to heart. Kara confesses she was angry and scared about losing her sister. It’s a very much needed heart to heart, but maybe better suited without the threat of imminent death. Anyways, Alex promises Kara that she will never abandon her. M’gann and J’onn have another heart to heart. J’onn tells her that she has become dear to him. Is he confessing love to her?! After this nice heart to heart, they find Winn trapped on the ceiling. They find something else. J’onn contacts Kara and tells her there are two White Martians. The other White Martian has shifted into Alex. Not Alex attacks Kara. Kara begins to fight Not Alex. They wake up Winn, who wants to leave. Winn cannot shut it down remotely. He needs to get to the reactor directly. Kara and Not Alex continue fighting. Winn says that they need to fight. Armac attacks J’onn and Winn heads to disable the reactor core. It’s J’onn vs Armac and Not Alex vs Kara. Winn starts to handle the reactor core. M’gann comes in to help J’onn fight Armac. Kara punches out Not Alex. Armac starts to choke J’onn while M’gann stabs him in the neck. Not Alex arises, but Alex shoots him with her new gun. She loves her new gun.

Earth Birthday: J’onn terminates the lockdown. Alex rushes off to call Maggie about the concert. Kara congratulates Winn for saving their lives. Winn tells her he is going to help James. Kara, kind of, gives her blessing. Even though it is stupid because clearly Winn is doing something great with his life at the DEO. J’onn and M’gann have a moment together. M’gann tells J’onn she is going back to Mars. She wants to find voices like hers on Mars and fight back. M’gann is going to be a revolutionary. At her apartment, Kara watches an old movie. Alex comes by with a cupcake for her sister. Alex asks Kara about the White Martian and what they talked about. Alex reassures Kara that she is not going anywhere. She will always be Kara’s sister. Kara was just scared Alex was slipping away from her. Alex thinks Kara was overcompensating with Earth birthday because of Mon-El. Kara doesn’t want to deal with Mon-El because it is always complicated. Alex tells Kara that Mon-El is worth a shot. At the DEO, M’gann looks up at the sky and prepares to leave. M’gann admits to J’onn that she has feelings for him as well. She tells J’onn that she is forever changed because of him. They rest their heads together in what I’m assuming is a Martian version of a kiss. They say goodbye and M’gann leaves. At Catco the next day, Kara runs into Eve and Mon-El who are heading out on a date. Mon-El is trying to move on with Eve. Kara wishes them a good date.

Bec Heim