The “Luthors” Are At The Forefront Of This Week’s Supergirl

Credit: The CW

Welcome back Supergirl fans!

This week, we’re going all in with the Luthors. Last week, we said goodbye to M’gann as she returned to Mars to fight against White Martians. This week Lena has to deal with being lumped in with her family. Again.

So let’s see how this goes, shall we?

Parents: We see Lillian play chess with a young Lex. Lionel comes home with a young Lena Luthor. Lex seems to take to his new sister while Lillian is not thrilled at having a daughter. In the present, Kara is watching a report of Lillian’s trial at the bar while taking to Mon-El. It’s awkward. She joins J’onn, Winn and James at the table where Alex introduces Maggie as her girlfriend to her friends. It’s still awkward between Kara and James over the whole Guardian issue. Kara defends Lena to James, saying that Lena needs a friend. Lena is happy that she testified against her mother when Kara brings her donuts. Lena wants to end it with her mother, but Lillian wants to see her. Kara encourages Lena to go and, at least, talk with Lillian. Lena goes to see her. Lillian teases something that Lionel hid from Lena. Lena was a product of an affair between Lionel and Lena’s mother. Lillian says that Lionel wanted her to stay away from Lena growing up. Lillian wants a second chance with Lena. But all of this is making me think that Lillian is lying to Lena. In another prison, we see that Metallo is alive. Someone redelivers his Kryptonite heart. In court, Metallo defends Lillian in court against the alien threat. The prosecutor tries to get answers from Metallo, but he lets a huge Kryptonite energy blast loose.

Escape: The courtroom is in chaos as Metallo frees Lillian from her bonds. Kara goes after them and fights Metallo. She goes to save innocent civilians rather than chasing after Lillian. She returns to the DEO where they learn Lena was the only visitor to the jail last night. Kara goes to visit Lena, but Maggie comes in arrests her. She has video of Lean with Kryptonite. It seems a little bit fishy. At Catco, they are leading with Lena on the cover of the latest magazine. James thinks Kara is wrong in thinking that Lena is innocent. He’s going to prove it to her. My eyes roll because the Guardian storyline is the show’s weakest link. Kara runs into Eve, who Mon-El says he is still dating. It turns out that Eve is not interesting. Apparently, Mon-El talked about Kara for the whole date. Kara denies that they dated, but Eve is not believing her. At the prison, some guards taunt Lena (these guards are terrible). Metallo breaks into the jail and Guardian confronts him.

Fight: It’s Guardian vs Metallo in the jail cell. Unsurprisingly, Guardian gets his ass kicked against a super-powered opponent. Metallo has come to break Lena out. At the DEO, James is getting treated by Alex. Good news is that Metallo seems to be weakening. Bad news is that no one is on Kara’s side in her belief in Lena. James tells her that she should not believe in her and that she should trust in him as Guardian. Apparently, Clark believed in Lex and he wants Kara not to go down that road. Kara believes in Lena. Kara goes to work some steam when Mon-El comes in. He tells her that she believed in people who don’t always deserve it, such as him. The two have an awkward moment, but one that is bizarrely sweet. Kara breaks it by going to see if they found Lena. Lillian takes Lena on a drive to Crazy Town. Lena is not buying any of it. Lillian wants Lena to join CADMUS. She tells her daughter that she loves her and wants to prove t to her. Metallo, meanwhile, is clearly getting sicker.

Luthors: In a mountain side, Metallo pulls in the car to the CADMUS headquarters. It turns out to be an old place of Lex’s. It was to keep an eye on future alien invasions. Lex, as it turns out, was a crazy doomsday prepper. We see why Lillian has broken Lena out. She wants her DNA to open a vault full of weaponry for CADMUS’ fight. Lena refuses, but Cyborg Superman returns and makes her open it. At the DEO, Kara is pacing back and forth. Winn finally finds some evidence exonerating Lena. Winn also gets a ping on the Kryptonite signature from Metallo. The Kryptonite that they were using for Metallo was a synthetic version and its breaking down fast. It is so unstable that it will go boom. Kara goes to save Lena. Metallo is really close to blowing, like minutes away. When Metallo blows, then it will Kara. Lillian finds all sorts of “goodies “in the vault and spews more crazy talk. Kara arrives to save Lena and warn them about Metallo. Lillian uses some device to mess with Kara’s senses. J’onn arrives to save Kara, who goes to save Lena. Metallo reaches critical mass as Lillian and Henshaw escape. Everyone at the DEO is freaking out as Metallo explodes. Kara flies away carrying Lena in her arms.

Innocent: At Catco, Kara is pretty smug about the fact she was right. Snapper wants her to go get an interview with Lena. James approaches Kara to talk and Lillian escaped via helicopter. James admits that Kara was right about Lena and apologizes to her. Kara wants them to stop trying to protect each other and go back to being friends. They make plans for game night. At L Corp, Kara and Lena have a nice heart to heart. Apparently Lena sent Kara million flowers as thanks for her belief. The two share a big hug. Lena watches Kara go. In flashback, we see Lena and Lex play a game of chess. Lena puts Lex into checkmate. She considers the chess board. At the apartment, Mon-El comes to Kara’s place. Kara tells Mon-El that she finds it hard to stand her ground and be vulnerable with other people. She tells him that they are so different. Kara tells Mon-El that she chose Supergirl over having a relationship. Apparently, Kara has been thinking that she can have it all because of him. The two are about to kiss when a bright light enters the apartment. And it is Mr. Mxyzptlk, who declares his love for Kara.

Bec Heim