Stephen Amell Talks Arrow’s Future And What Lies Ahead For Oliver

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Everything’s not coming up Ollie in the second half of Arrow’s fifth season. Not only is he struggling with getting a lead on Prometheus, and fighting the baddie-of-the-week as the Green Arrow, he is also challenged by his job as the mayor.

Stephen Amell chatted with Entertainment Weekly about how Oliver’s holding up, and where the season, and the show in general, will go next.

One of the things that fans of the show must have noticed, Oliver is sporting his grey, rather than his green suit, more often then not these days.

“We actually get to focus on the task of governing Star City, and I’ve really been enjoying it”, said Amell. “We’ve actually had multiple episodes where in one episode I’m simply not in the Arrow suit and then multiple episodes where I’m in it for a very, very short period of time, which is a departure for us.”

Oliver is kept busy with his everyday duties to the city. It surely seems that within Team Arrow, every character seems to be quite busy with his or her very own development.

“I’ve actually been thinking a lot about the team in general and everybody”, admitted Amell. “Diggle was in a federal prison and is now at the very least seeming happier and on the path to redemption. We’re moving into a very interesting arc for Felicity and a purpose for her that exists outside the team, which I think is incredibly important. Curtis is in a better spot despite the fact that he’s having some marital issues. Rene was kind of a directionless individual until he found the team. Same goes for Dina in terms of she was someone who was on a murder spree and then became lost because she didn’t have a purpose anymore, and now she’s finding it on the team. Even Quentin seems to be on the road back a little bit. Obviously the main exception there is Thea, and I think that there’s a significant worry for the state of his sister, but in general, I feel like there is a bit of a sense of accomplishment. Again, it’s not without tragedy, because that’s the nature of our show.”

Speaking of his team, especially Felicity seems to have her hands full with her return to being a hacktivist. Of course, fans want to know how the fact that Felicity hides her activity from Oliver affects the leading man.

“He knows that she’s into something, and he’s bothered right now,” confirmed Amell. “It’s not something that she and Oliver discuss until they have what I think is actually quite an adult conversation about it. But he knows that she’s into something, and he knows that she doesn’t want to tell him about it, so he’s dealing with that in his own way.”

Could her secret be the final coffin in their romantic relationship? Amell seems to disagree.

“We know what came between them; it was a lack of trust. Felicity walked away, and Oliver let her”, the actor said about the status of their relationship.  “I never want to sail over something as traumatic and significant as the fact that Oliver was tricked into killing Detective Malone and everything that that’s putting Felicity through.”

Ultimately, Amell believes that there is a future in which Oliver and Felicity could get back together.

“I mean, we live in a television world. Fences can always be mended.”

How dare we believe otherwise!

The major theme this season is legacy, and how Oliver will deal with the responsibilities that come with being the Green Arrow. With season five being the final season to wrap up the flashbacks of the five years he spent away from Star City, some loose ends will be tied up.

“One of the biggest revelations that we have this year is Oliver learning something about the person that he was in season 1, and more importantly, the person that we’re seeing in the flashbacks”, Amell said about the parallels between the fifth and the first season. “He’s unchained in Russia in terms of responsibilities, and it has gone really dark in the flashbacks, but to me, that doesn’t negate the growth that Oliver has experienced.”

The grown Oliver we see in season five is indeed a stark contrast to the Oliver we first met in the pilot.

After wrapping up Oliver’s five years in hell, what can audiences expect from season six then? Amell said, that going away from Oliver’s perspective a bit, in order to explore the other characters on the show, would be a possible direction.

“It allows us to expand the universe in terms of focusing more on other people’s backstories, not even necessarily flashbacks of people’s home life, just their life outside of the Arrow cave, I think that’s interesting.”

How do you feel about the possibility of learning more about Arrow’s supporting characters in season six?

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