Remember, Remember: Kit Harington, Mark Gatiss And Liv Tyler To Star In Guy Fawkes Drama Gunpowder

Credit: Getty Images

“Remember, remember the fifth of November,“ is probably one of the most popular and well-known sayings. Only a few people, however, know the full story about it and where it came from.

DigitalSpy reported that BBC One is about to change that. The British network has a new thriller in the making which, fittingly, will be called Gunpowder. It will star Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington.

Gunpowder is going to be a three-part series. It sees Harington take on the role of Robert Catesby, who planned the infamous event.

It will deal with Robert Catesby’s struggle as a Catholic man in 1605 England, which was dominated by the Protestant belief. His struggle eventually leads him to financial, social and psychological ruin. When his wife and father die, he starts recruiting friends and family to execute his gunpowder plot.

It will follow the story behind the plan, the conspirators who planned to carry it out, and the challenges they had to face while trying to achieve it.

Kit Harington will not be the only well-known British actor in the new BBC One thriller. Mark Gatiss (SherlockWolf Hall) and American actress Liv Tyler (Lord of the Rings) will also star in the mini-series.

Tyler is going to play Robert Catesby’s cousin, who is the only one concerned about the whole idea, while Gatiss will play antagonist Chief Robert Cecil. He is a spymaster and the head of torture to the Catholics.

A premier date has not been set for the thriller yet, even though filming could start any day now. We can be sure that Gunpowder will be intense and – thankfully – not as explosive as Catesby would have loved to see it.

Anna Hattingen