“Mr. And Mrs. Mxyzptlk” Is Not Happening In This Week’s New Supergirl

Credit: The CW

Hey Supergirl fans!

I have both been and not been looking forward to this episode. On one hand, Sanvers Valentine’s Day!! On the other hand, it looks like they’ve made Mr. Mxyzptlk into a gross dude bro and that makes me sad. It’s bummer because Mxyzptlk is one of my favorite Superman villains. You have to be smart to beat him.

Here’s what happened last week. Kara accepted that James was going to continue to be the Guardian. Kara and Lena proved that we really should be focusing on their relationship. Alex came out to everyone officially. The episode closed with Kara and Mon-El almost kissing when Mr. Mxyzptlk crashed that moment.

Also for the sake of my sanity as I type out this recap, I’ll be referring to Mxyzptlk as Mr. M. Why? Because we don’t get pre-screeners and I type this live, so this is for my own sanity.

Now let’s get down to business.

Mxyzptlk: We pick up where we left off last week, with Mr. M steamrolling his way into Kara and Mon-El’s moment. He sets the mood, fights with Mon-El over Kara, and makes me loathe him in ten seconds. Kara tells him that this is not okay at all and says she will not marry him. DON’T LET HIM DOWN GENTLY, KARA! Mr. M thinks that she is playing hard to get and swears to win her heart. At the DEO, J’onn explains about fifth dimensional beings and Mon-El says they were banned on Daxam. They’re dangerous people. It also turns out the J’onn is sending a Valentine’s Day message to M’gann. Kara quickly explains to Mon-El about Valentine’s Day and promises they will celebrate together. At Alex’s apartment, she and Maggie have breakfast together. Maggie clearly hates Valentine’s Day, but Alex seems a little sad about. At the bar, Winn is not having a good Valentine’s Day either. After two guys start to pick a fight with him, an alien swoops in to save him. Her name is Lyra and from Star Haven, which has been destroyed apparently. Winn awkwardly woos her. She asks him out a date and he agrees. Supergirl goes to foil a robbery. Mr. M tries to save her by killing the robbers. Supergirl saves the robbers lives. Mr. M declares that the wooing must begin. I may have just thrown up a little in my mouth.

Danger: At the DEO, Winn talks about humans have been having contact with reality bending creatures via mythology. Mon-El wants to kill Mr. M. Kara just wants to send him home. Alex and Kara head to her apartment where Mr. M has filled it with roses. Alex bemoans the fact that she wants to have a cheesy Valentine’s Day with her girlfriend. Kara thinks they should celebrate their own way and reinvent the holiday for them. It’s actually a really sweet moment between the pair. Outside, they hear cars screeching around. It’s Parasite, isn’t he dead? Kara goes to battle him. Mon-El joins to help. But Mr. M, in a Superman-esque costume, helps save the day. Side note: CAN HE LEAVE PLEASE?! Mr. M and Mon-El fight over Kara more and make me roll my eyes. It disturbs me that SUPERGIRL IS NOT TALKING HERE! Kara wants to handle this herself. Mr. M threatens Earth in order to make her his.

Snap: At the DEO, Kara and Mon-El have a fight over her sending him away. Kara is angry that she didn’t tell him the secret of sending Mr. M back. The two of them are having a pretty heavy fight in the middle of the DEO. Kara thinks that Mon-El is a little jealous. Kara thinks that hem was a mistake. Kara still refuses to kill him. Mon-El goes to see Winn, who needs advice about Lyra. I would not really listen to what Mon-El is saying right now. Winn shows Mon-El some devices that have fifth dimensional energy. He has no idea what they’ve do. So naturally Mon-El takes them when Winn leaves to go on his date with Lyra. At Alex’s place, Maggie finds all the Valentine’s Day trimmings. She gets upset and is about to leave. Alex, however, gets the story out of her. It turns out that her parents were not supportive of her. She was kicked out after she left a card in a girl that she likes locker. She was sent to live her aunt after that. At the bar, Winn meets up with Lyra. He got an exclusive reservation and plans for Valentine’s Day. She just wants to make out. At the DEO, Kara and J’onn figure out that Mon-El has escaped with the tech. Mon-El and Mr. M have a Hamilton duel. Mon-El negates Mr. M’s powers. In order to save his life, Kara seemingly agrees to marry Mr. M. She wants to do it at the Fortress of Solitude. THIS IS GROSS AND PROBLEMATIC ON SO MANY LEVELS, SHOW!

Chance: Mon-El shows up at Kara’s apartment to try to convince her not to marry Mr. M. Kara still seemingly insists on it, using the argument that Jessica Jones used with Kilgrave. At the DEO, Kara runs into Maggie who is looking for Alex. She tells Maggie that maybe Valentine’s Day can mean something new to her and Alex. I’m not as sure about this. I think Maggie’s reasons are pretty understandable. Maggie still seems to be considering it when Kara leaves. At the Fortress of Solitude, Mr. M shows up and Kara meets him. She rejects him pretty soundly, understandably so. Mr. M animates the statute of Jor-El to kill Kara for her rejection. This proves exactly why she is rejecting you, asshole. Mr. M shames Kara as she fights the statute. Kara sets the Atomic Cauldron to self-destruct after Mr. M says he will hound her across the stars. It will kill them both. Mr. M suddenly changes his tune and begs for the code by making him write his name backwards. As he disappears, Kara tells him that love is something that cannot be forced. BEAT HIS DEADASS, KARA ZOR-EL! SHE DON’T PLAY!

Couple: Lyra shows up at a restaurant where Winn is waiting. She is surprised that he didn’t want to just sleep with her. Winn is honest with her saying that he thinks being with her is worth pursuing. Lyra seems pretty interested in that. They are so cute. At her apartment, Alex finds a present from Maggie and shows up at a ballroom. Maggie has made a Valentine’s Day Prom for them. Maggie tells Alex that she is the one woman who could make her like Valentine’s Day. And I am sobbing. IT’S SO SWEET! Mon-El shows up to Kara’s apartment to congratulate her on defeating Mr. M and to apologize for not listening to her. He says that Kara is his Kryptonite. The feelings she inspires in him makes him go kind of crazy. He goes to leave, but Kara stops him. Kara didn’t mean what she said because she was trying to protect him from Mr. M. There’s nothing stopping them now. They start to kiss.

Bec Heim