Legends Of Tomorrow Face Off Against A “Turncoat” In This Week’s Episode

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Last week’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow gave us much insight on how The Legion of Doom came to be and what each of them is ultimately after. The Legends took a back seat while The Legion provided all the entertainment. Thankfully, things are back to normal during this week’s episode.

It looks like the Legion has a new member, and it’s not who you would expect it to be. Since Thawne and the other baddies retrieved Rip’s memories in the previous episode, they have taken it upon themselves to rewrite them to turn Rip into their new evil lackey.

Our regular recapper, Verena Cote, is out for this week (she’ll be back for the next episode), so with that being said, let’s find out how much of a “Turncoat” Rip Hunter has turned into!

What You Need To Know:
Just call him Benedict Arnold: The Revolutionary War is where the gang ends up this week, and everyone these days should know a thing or two about that time period thanks to Hamilton – the musical even gets a name-drop reference within the first 10 minutes. The Legends have to stop the Legion from killing George Washington as part of this week’s adventure, but Rip really ups the ante as he gets in touch with his evil side. He may have a new moral compass, but Rip still has all the memories and knowledge of the real Rip, which makes it very easy for him to almost completely neutralize the team. Rip manages to shut off the Waverider and cut off all access to Gideon. Then he shoots Sara, and because Sara is a bad-ass and apparently has more lives than a cat, she lives but is out of commission until Gideon can be repaired. This leaves the Legends  without their fearless team leader. Once all that is done, Rip gets on the Waverider  to look for the fragment of the Spear of Destiny. Only Ray, Jax, and Stein are left to subdue and stop him. In just one episode, Rip has made himself not only the scariest villain Legends of Tomorrow has ever seen but he may be the scariest of the whole CW superhero universe because he knows his team’s weaknesses and fears.
Divided They Fall: The Legends, in order to deal with this week’s obstacles, split. Those who aren’t the Waverider are tasked with protecting Founding Father Washington, leading to the best part of this week’s episode where Mick calls Washington “Georgie.” In one memorable scene, Mick even tells Washington what it means to be a “real American,” aka. scrappy rebel who never gives up. It would be nice to imagine that Mick influenced the founding fathers in some way. As for Amaya and Nate, they are supposed to be assisting Mick in keeping Washington alive, but things get interesting as the sexual tension between Amaya and Nate boils over. Things get particularly interesting with the pair when Nate falls into a river; for him to warm up, they have to make skin-on-skin contact. It goes farther than just life-saving measures, and they end up having sex and falling asleep.
To Kill or Not To Kill: Back on Waverider, after causing chaos, Rip doesn’t find the Spear, but he does find something nearly as precious: the barely-conscious and still-suffering Sara. Jax finds Rip as he is choking the life out of Sara. To save his new captain’s life, Jax tells Rip where the team hid the Spear of Destiny. Despite Jax giving up the spear, Rip, ends up killing Sara and walks away to retrieve the spear.
Luckily, soon after Rip kills Sara, Ray gets the power back on for the ship and Gideon is able to bring her back to life. Unfortunately, no one bothered to tell Jax, and he goes charging after Rip ready to kill him. Sara luckily wakes up and manages to track down Jax as he has a gun pointed at Rip’s head. What follows is a particularly intense scene as Jax’s former and current captain are fighting for his soul. Rip tells Jax to shoot him knowing that if Jax does, it will change him forever and for the worst. Sara, meanwhile, argues for Jax to stay true to himself because it’s Christmas. Jax ends up listening to Sara, and Rip leaves alive and with the Spear of Destiny.
Quotes of the Night
“If Washington’s so cool, why is he on the one dollar bill? Franklin’s on the hundred. Now he’s cool.” – Mick
“Alright….let’s go save America.” – Sara (if only she could!)
Legends of Tomorrow season 2 airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.
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