Jeremiah Danvers Has A “Homecoming” (Or Does He?) On This Week’s Supergirl

Credit: The CW

Hey Supergirl fans!

After cringing through an episode with Mr. Mxyzptlk, we remember the plot. Remember Jeremiah Danvers? Where has he been? Let’s find out.

Quick recap of the recap: Kara and Mon-El are a thing. Alex and Maggie had a fight and made-up. Winn has a new girlfriend.

Now let’s get this started.

Found: Mon-El wakes up in bed at Kara’s apartment. Kara is having the post-coital high of saving a bunch of a people. She brings Mon-El coffee and flowers. Mon-El would like to wake up next to her next time. He tries to convince her to stay in for the day. Kara says they need to go to the DEO and wants to keep it secret. Everyone had something to say when she was dating Jimmy. Mon-El said okay, but then announces it at the DEO. J’onn said something about going to HR to fill out forms. Before that fun can happen, they get a notice about a convey travelling from CADMUS. Kara and J’onn head out to it. Kara and J’onn are able to get to it. After some intense action and CGI, they open the tractor trailer. In it? It’s Jeremiah Danvers. At the DEO, Alex and Kara hug him. Alex goes in for more hugs. Jeremiah said after the Amazon, he came to at CADMUS. He then was made to change Henshaw into Cyborg Supes. He kept on trying to escape over and over. Eventually, he realized that he couldn’t. CADMUS messed up his hands pretty bad after helping Mon-El and Kara escape. Mon-El is a little suspicious about the circumstances of finding Jeremiah. Apparently, the heat vision that was mined from Kara was used to build a nuke. They plan on using said nuke to blow up National City to blame aliens.

Return: At the DEO, Winn sums up the situation at hand rather succinctly. Eliza arrives where she has a reunion with Jeremiah. It’s so sweet. Mon-El pulls Kara aside to share his doubts about Jeremiah. Kara, however, refuses to hear a word against Jeremiah. She asks Mon-El to come over for a nice family dinner. At Kara’s apartment, the prepare for a family dinner. It’s a nice family banter. Alex introduces Jeremiah to Maggie, who has brought tequila. Mon-El arrives as well. Jeremiah surveys the scene before him, happy to see. He apologizes to Eliza for all the time he missed and he wants to make it up. Eliza, however, astutely points out that they need to learn each other again. J’onn arrives in time for a hug and the toast. It’s just so sweet! Jeremiah asks for patience as he readjusts. Jeremiah would like to return to the DEO as an agent to help things out. Mon-El thinks that is hella suspicious. Kara is not having it. Mon-El openly voices his suspicions to everyone. Kara pulls him aside. She’s angry that he is not listening to her or her wishes. He told everyone about their relationship, he is not being nice to Jeremiah. I get what Mon-El’s thinking here, but he definitely went about it the wrong way. So Kara’s words are definitely something that he needs to hear and internalize. Jeremiah escorts Mon-El out. All he has to say is that he knows who Mon-El is and Kara wouldn’t like it if she learned the truth.

Awkward: Mon-El meets Winn at the bar for a drink. You should have done this first dude! Mon-El explains his case to Winn and that he thinks they should be careful. Winn agrees to help him. All Winn wants in return is for Mon-El to be good to Kara. Lyra comes up to him and she is super into Winn. At the DEO, J’onn and Jeremiah walk through the hallways. Jeremiah congratulates J’onn for all he has done at the DEO. AT LEAST DO A PSYCHIC MIND SCAN OR SOMETHING BEFORE GIVING HIM THE KEYS TO PALACE, J’ONN! J’onn gives Jeremiah access and lets him loose with Winn watching. It turns out that Jeremiah broke into the DEO mainframe. Mon-El and Winn bring the evidence to Kara. Everyone is trying to look for the bomb. Kara gently confronts Jeremiah about what he was looking through. He says it is case files from Alex and Kara. He wanted to see what his daughters were up to. Alex is angry at Mon-El and Winn, but she’s especially angry at Kara.

Sister v Sister: Kara tries to talk and reason with Alex about Jeremiah. Alex attacks Kara about her relationship with Mon-El. Alex gives Kara an ultimatum. Kara is either a Danvers or she’s not. At the bar, Winn and Lyra have a flirty game of darts. It’s is adorable. Mon-El comes to talk with Winn about Kara. Winn makes it clear to him: just listen to Kara. Winn found out where the bomb is being moved. In the nerve center, Jeremiah and J’onn direct the girls and team to where the signature is. It’s a little too empty. Jeremiah moves after it turns out there is no sign of the bomb. J’onn just realized that he cannot read Jeremiah’s mind. I guess J’onn is a polite telepath. J’onn follows Jeremiah down where it turns out the he is evil. Jeremiah denies it saying that there is more to the story. He has a cybernetic arm. JEREMIAH DANVERS IS CYBORG SUPERMAN MARK II!! VINDICATION FOR ME! Jeremiah tries to reason with the angry J’onn. J’onn is not having it and they fight. They fight good and hard. Jeremiah than destroys the computers that he stole from before leaving.

Jeremiah: J’onn is healing in medical. He tells Alex about the arm and what happened. She plans on making CADMUS pay. It turns out that Winn hid a tracker on Jeremiah. Jeremiah meets Hank and Lillian in the woods where the girls confront them. He has the files they need, but Kara blows them up. They blow up a train track to get rid of Kara while Hank blocks her path with a tree. Kara tries to repair the bridge in time but ends up holding the track in place here. Alex catches up with her father in the woods, wanting answers from him. Jeremiah said that if she is going to bring him in, then she needs to kill him. He calls Alex the best part of him. Alex cannot kill him and lets him escape. She crouches on the ground in tears. They don’t know what Jeremiah took from the mainframe. Alex, meanwhile, has to go break the news to Eliza. Kara is just worried for her family because this will change everything. J’onn says that it will make them stronger. Alex is drinking alone when Maggie comes to visit her. Alex just ends up sobbing in Maggie’s arms. Kara lays under her blanket on the couch. Mon-El comes to visit her. He asks Kara what she wants from him. All Kara wants is for him to be here with her. Mon-El just sits and holds her close. Winn figured out what Jeremiah stole from the computers: the National Alien Registry. Meanwhile, Lillian promises Jeremiah their deal stands. The camera pulls back to reveal what I think is Project INSIGHT.

Oh my God is this Supergirl: The Winter Soldier?

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