Gorilla Grodd Returns In “Attack On Gorilla City” On The Flash

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Hey Flash fans!

After a week break, it’s time to get into the epic Gorilla City two-parter. Oh Grodd. Always the brides-villain, never the main villain. It looks like that will change though with this episode.

Quick refresher for what’s happened. Barry and co are still trying to figure out how to save Iris. Joe now knows about Iris’ potential future. Caitlin is still afraid of her Killer Frost persona overtaking her. Julian is slowly becoming a member of the team!

Now let’s see what’s happening over on Earth-2, shall we?

Gorilla City: Harry Wells runs through the forests near Gorilla City. He tries to escape, but it’s not happening. On Earth-1, Jesse explains about Gorilla City to Joe. The gorillas apparently wanted to meet Harry, inviting him via math formula, who mounted an expedition. Everyone except Harry was beaten to death. Barry promises Jesse to bring Harry home. HR comes in the room where Jesse confuses them. It’s pretty heartbreaking. Barry remembers about the Gorilla City attack on the news. It’s not about the future for Barry. He wants to bring his friend home. Cisco and Caitlin also agree to come along to help. Jesse wants to go with Barry, but Barry wants her to stay and help Wally protect Central City. Jesse does seem into Wally having super speed. At CCPD, Barry asks Julian if he can cover for him. He has to explain about the multiverse theory. Julian is SUPER INTO IT. He is not thrilled about Caitlin coming along on the trip. Barry, however, explains to him about her connection with Grodd. And there’s that Planet of the Apes reference from Tom Felton! ALL THE REFERENCES! Barry does some last minute check-ins with Iris before going. Julian shows up at STAR wearing his Indiana Jones gear. Because he is coming and packing heat. Cisco opens the portal to Earth to and Barry takes them through. They see Gorilla City in the distance.

Welcome to the Jungle: Team Earth-2 treks through the forests to get near Gorilla City. On Earth-1, things continue to be weird with Jesse and Wally. Wally tries to get her to come on run, but Jesse brushes him off. Iris thinks that Jesse’s weirdness could be because of her Dad being kidnapped. The Wests and Jesse get an alert about a robbery in progress. They go to handle it. More like Wally handles it, but Jesse does not seem impressed. On Earth-2, Caitlin tells Julian about Killer Frost. Julian reassures her that she will not become Killer Frost or die like her. Caitlin tells Julian that he’s a good addition to the team. As they approach the City, they find a trap set. They are attacked with blow darts as Grodd drops from the trees. Apparently, he was waiting for them.

Impressive: No smart remark here. Gorilla City is straight up impressive. Barry and co wake up in cages. Barry tries to phase out, but he can’t. Cisco can’t use his powers either. Grodd must be dampening their powers. Harry comes down, but he is Grodd’s voice. He apparently needs Barry’s help to defeat Solovar. Solovar wants to rule the humans and bring the war to even Earth-1. Apparently, trespassers will be taken to the Arena and executed. If Solovar was defeated, then maybe the other gorillas will see reason. Grodd promises to keep the gorillas in Gorilla City. Grodd says that Earth-1 is still his home and he stills cares for those amongst them. He releases Harry from his control. On Earth-1, Wally tries to get Jesse to talk with him about why she is being cold with him. Jesse has just realized that she and Wally may not be together permanently. Wally wants Jesse to stay on Earth-1 with him, but she just doesn’t think it could happen. On Earth-2, Barry wrestles with the thought of killing Solovar. Solovar and Grodd enter the room. Solovar possesses Cisco saying that he will kill them all. Barry challenges Solovar and he accepts.

Gladiator Joke Here: It’s Barry v Solovar in the gladiatorial arena! Major props to this show for their ambition with their CGI. Cisco tells Barry to go for the speed punches, but Solovar fights him fairly hard. This is not Barry’s day at all. Barry tries a lightning throw next. Solovar, however, disrupts the ground. It causes Barry to trip. This is not Barry’s day at all. Cisco tells Barry to pull a Reverse Flash with Solovar. Solovar is knocked out, and Barry refuses to kill him. Barry pleads with the gorillas to leave humanity be and that they only want peace. He wants to offer Barry mercy. Yeah Grodd is not thrilled and tells them to take Barry out. Anyone else surprised by this obvious turn of events? Barry wakes up in the cell. Grodd wakes up Harry and refuses to let them free. They realize Grodd’s endgame is to destroy Central City. He is going to have Cisco open a breach and then bring the gorillas through. Barry tries to appeal to Grodd’s logic. Grodd points out that he is an animal. That he plans to kill Barry before Barry can stop him. I don’t think this is going to get prevented from the Future. What have we learned about trusting our villains?

City of the Apes: Barry keeps trying to phase through the bars, but fails. Harry comes around to see his Earth-1 friends. Barry is trying to figure out a plan. Cisco has a plan for suicide by friend to stop Grodd. Julian thinks that Caitlin should kill Cisco, but it would make her Killer Frost. Permanently. Caitlin, however, tables that idea. Barry says that it’s the only way and one of them must die. At STAR Labs, HR sees Jesse hanging out and thinking. Jesse tells HR about Wally’s offer to stay on Earth-1. HR tells her that when it’s love she has to go for it. Otherwise, she will live the rest of her life with regret. On Earth-2, Barry fakes his death so Grodd can take him away. Caitlin tearfully makes up a story for him to believe. Harry lets him know that Grodd is gone so Barry starts to vibrate. Barry runs everyone out. They open a breach and run through before Grodd catches up with them.

Return: Back on Earth-1, HR tries to help everyone relax with a game of charades when a breach opens. Jesse runs to her Dad’s arms. HR and Harry have some fun banter back and forth. Everyone is just happy to be back together. In the Cortex, Jesse checks on her father. She apologizes to Wally. Jesse poses a hypothetical about her moving to Earth-1. Wally kisses Jesse and HR pats himself on the back. He also knows how pissed Harry is going to be. Outside, Julian apologizes to Caitlin if he overstepped his boundaries. Caitlin likes Julian, but she is afraid of herself. Julian, however, is not afraid of her. Caitlin thinks he should fear her. He turns it around on her and asks her to dinner. Oh Julian, I hope you survive the season. Barry and Iris have a little nightcap together. Barry is feeling optimistic about everything. The two of them share a kiss in front of the fire. Back on Earth-2, Grodd has control of Gypsy and plans to use her to open the breaches to Central City. Well…that’s not good.

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