Gaston Takes Center Stage In New Beauty And The Beast Clip

Credit: Disney

Beauty and the Beast is a month away from its March 17th release date. I couldn’t be more excited to see one of my childhood favorites hit the big screen in live action no less!

With all these amazing trailers, I’ve been waiting to see a clip from the film.

Naturally, the first clip dropped would be from the bad guy of the piece Gaston. Gaston (Luke Evans) always does need to take center stage, huh?

In the brief clip, we get a glimpse at the villain’s titular song along with Lefou (Josh Gad) singing about this guy’s greatness. Thanks, Good Morning America!

Now I have to admit, Luke Evans isn’t my first choice to play Gaston. I was really hoping for a more muscle-y guy with a deep voice. But well the cockiness he exudes in this 18-second clip is helping to win me over. Just so long as he channels that male privilege smugness we know and abhor then I’m sure that he will make a fine Gaston.

Check out the clip below.

Although I think Josh Gad may have found the role that he was born to play with Lefou. If you ever read this article, Josh Gad, then I mean it in the best possible way. There’s just something about him that really embodies the character.

A-plus casting movie.

Beauty and the Beast will dance into our hearts on March 17th.

Bec Heim

Bec Heim

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