Excalibur, Merlin And…The JSA? The Legends Head To Camelot To Protect The Spear Of Destiny

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Two weeks ago, our legends got, as per usual, in quite a bit of trouble. There were some surprising romantic developments. Even after the Legion of Doom brainwashed former Captain Rip and forced him to steal the Legends’ piece of the Spear of Destiny, the group still found a moment to celebrate their friendship.

But good things never last, at least not in this universe.  “Camelot/3000” takes us back to medieval England, where the heroes take on Camelot.

Detroit, 3000

The episode opens with Rip traveling to the year 3000, where he meets an old friend, Charles, or rather Dr. Mid-Nite, member of the Justice Society of America. The older man has been working on a special technology that could easily prevent violence – or amplify it, when fallen into the wrong hands.

We learn that Charles was tasked with protecting a part of the Spear of Destiny when Rip brutally kills him to get one step closer to his goal of altering reality.

The Legends are to follow, after the algorithm that Lili, Martin’s daughter, created, sounds the alarm. Unfortunately, they are too late, an only find Charles’ corpse. His death especially upsets Amaya, his former partner in the JSA. She blames Sara for not capturing Rip when she had the chance.

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Britannia, 507 AD

When Lili’s alarm sounds once again, having found another piece of the Spear, the heroes are headed to England. Dressed in their nicest frocks and shiniest armours, they stumble upon a bunch of knights and are taken to Camelot. As Nate tries to explain, the legend of King Arthur shouldn’t even exist. It’s a legend after all, not documented history.

After arriving at the castle the team reunites with yet another former JSA member, Courtney, better known as Star Girl, now a member of King Arthur’s court as Merlin. She is the one who tells the Legends about the trip she once took with Rip. In order to keep the Spear of Destiny out of the wrong hands, he broke it into four pieces, kept one himself and gave the remaining three to JSA members. Courtney had taken hers with her to Camelot.

Before the heroes can get too comfortable in medieval times, their celebrations are interrupted by Damien Darhk and Rip. They have taken control of Arthur’s brain with the help of the technology they have stolen from Dr. Mid-Nite’s lab. The pair threaten to attack the kingdom if they do not receive the missing piece of the Spear.

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While Guinevere readies an army to go up against Darhk, Amaya decides to take matters into her own hands. She searches the castle for the missing piece of the Spear. Eventually, she finds it in Excalibur, the legendary Sword in the Stone. Using her powers she removes it, but is stopped by Star Girl before she can make her escape.

Courtney tells her that she has fallen in love with Arthur. She would do anything to protect him and the world she has built for herself. Courtney hands over the piece of the spear, and asks Amaya to keep it safe for her.

Meanwhile Mick, Jax and Martin have stayed behind on the Wave Rider, where Martin admits to “borrowing” some of Mid-Nite’s technology as well. They quickly figure out that it is connected to the technology Rip uses to control his own army.

With the Spear in their possession, the Legends decide to leave before the big battle happens. Ray has doubts and wants to stay behind. He says he has grown up on the Camelot legends and feels a deep connection to these people, he won’t leave them for dead now. Even when Nate tells him that joining the battle means his certain death, Ray won’t be swayed.

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Surprisingly, Mick is the first one to disagree with Sara’s order to leave Ray behind. Eventually, the rest of the team relents. Martin, Mick and Jax hope to find a way to make use of their end of the technology, and disable it. They decide to use Mick as the major transmitter, due to his “intense” mind.

Sara, Nate and Amaya join Ray and Courtney at the battle front. A bloodbath ensues, until Mick is able to overheat the system with his thoughts. The brainwashed knights immediately stop fighting, and King Arthur wounds Rip. Damien, who claims that he doesn’t do rescues, leaves his partner (or really, his puppet) behind. Sara refuses to let Rip escape again, so she takes him back to the Wave Rider.

Rip decides to go after Darhk, but is quickly beaten by him. Nate finds him unconscious and after saying goodbye to Queen Guinevere (which Sara does in a very typical way), and saying goodbye to Star Girl. The Legends all return to the space ship. The final moment of the episode sees Rip, now fully recovered, addressing Gideon, who still considers him the Captain of this ship. This means trouble.

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Legends, once again, does what Legends does best – it shows how the major storyline, the reassembly and protection of the Spear of Destiny fits into the heroes’ travels through time and space. We reunite with a couple of members of the JSA, a nice throwback to the beginning of the seasons, and they seamlessly fit into the larger storyline as well.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow has truly picked up its pace in comparison to its first season and finally lives up to its full potential. It shows interesting characters, diverse characters, characters that can still surprise us, and how it’s not always easy for them to work together as a team.

We also have to give kudos to Arthur Darvill, who is blossoming so beautifully in the role as the bad guy. The only thing missing from this episode was Malcolm Merlyn’s pretty face. Feels like a missed opportunity not to put the Magician into this episode.

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Favorite Lines

Nate: “Dude, what are they doing? These guys don’t stand a chance out there. Is this really worth the risk for some dream?”
Ray: “Yes, because a long time ago that dream meant the world to a little boy, and he still remembers.”

Ray: “Nate, look around you. All of these men are willing to die on the battlefield… not for some Spear, but for an idea. And I get it now. Camelot isn’t about history. It’s not even about some dusty old books that got a lonely kid through childhood. It’s about one noble idea… that we can all stand up for what’s right, no matter what. And I can’t walk away from that.”

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