Emma Watson Got Very Emotional Upon Seeing Hermione’s Future

Credit: Lia Toby/WENN

There have been mixed feelings about the Harry Potter theatre play ever since it had been announced, and definitely since we knew about the general storyline. There is at least one person, however, who feels very strongly about the play and especially about the future of Hermione Granger, who is played by Noma Dumezweni in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

None other than former Hermione Granger actress Emma Watson, who has now spoken about her experience watching the play this past summer in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

The actress admitted that it had been quite overwhelming to see the future of the character she has played in eight movies and Emma Watson admitted to crying happy tears when she saw Noma’s performance.

“It was so strange. It was so emotional seeing Noma’s performance in a way that I had not anticipated at all,” the actress says. ”She walked in the room and I just spontaneously burst into tears. … I had played that character so intensely up until that point, that to know that Hermione was going to be okay — I know it sounds crazy — but to know that everything turned out all right and everything in the world was okay, that there was someone else carrying her on and carrying her forward … it was just such a relief.”

Even though, we got a glimpse of how Harry, Ron and Hermione ended up after what had happened in Deathly Hallows: Part 2, Watson still felt like it wasn’t enough and she wanted Hermione to have a real future.

After the play, Watson went to meet Dumezweni and immediately felt a connection to the older actress through the shared character.

“The weird thing is that Noma was a complete stranger, but I felt like I had known her forever,” Watson says. “There was just an instant intimacy and connection.”

We’re glad to hear that Emma Watson approves of Hermione’s future and that the actress is still very much concerned about the character’s future, just like we are.

Anna Hattingen