Casting Alert: Downton Abbey Actor to Join BBC One Thriller Gunpowder

Credit: ITV

Last week, it was reported that BBC One is taking on a new three-part thriller, Gunpowder, which is going to star Kit Harington, Mark Gatiss and Liv Tyler.

Kit Harington takes on the part of Robert Catesby, the man responsible for the plan of blowing up the British parliament in 1605, which ultimately failed.

Within this story, most people are more familiar with Guy Fawkes, who was in charge of putting the gunpowder in place and guarding it. Obviously, Guy Fawkes is an important part of the gunpowder plot and cannot be missed in the upcoming thriller. has revealed who will play the part of the famous figure in the British history. Tom Cullen, who most people will remember as Lady Mary’s unsuccessful suitor Viscount Gilingham in Downton Abbey, is set to play Guy Fawkes and even though we would like to see him succeed in his upcoming mission, we are rather glad that he won’t succeed again.

Next to Tom Cullen, has also revealed other actors that have been cast in the new BBC One thriller.

Shaun Dooley is going to portray Gatiss’ character’s right hand man Sir William Wade, Lieutenant of the Tower, while comic actors David Bamber is set to play Earl of Northumberland and Kevin Eldon is going to play Sir Joseph Hawksworth.

Kit Harington’s Catesby will also find another friend and co-plotter in Thomas Wintour, who is going to be played by Edward Holcroft. Constable of Castille, another conspirator, is going to be played by Pedro Casablanc and Robert Emms is playing Father Gerard, a young priest.

Derek Riddell is taking on the part of King James I of England, one of the targets of Robert Catesby’s plan. While Sian Webber is going to play Lady Dorothy Dibdale, who sympathized with the Catholics during the time when Catesby and the other conspirators planned their attack.

We don’t know for sure when Gunpowder will premier, however, we know that the thriller will soon start to film and we will keep you up-to-date regarding the new BBC One series.

Anna Hattingen