Bonjour! Hear Emma Watson Sing As “Belle” In New Beauty And The Beast Clip

Credit: Tumblr

Beauty and the Beast is less than a month away from premiering!

While the world continues to suck hard, it will be great to see one of my childhood favorites up on the big screen in live action. Beauty and the Beast continues to be my favorite movie to this day. I’m excited to see what the live action version will bring to the table.

This is not a shot for shot remake. Even with the little bit I’ve seen, it just makes me super excited to see it in theatres.

Today, we got a flavor of the iconic opening number “Belle”.

In it, we see Belle (Emma Watson) go about her morning through the little town where she lives. Even moreso than the animated version, we see the difference of Belle from the rest of the town. It certainly is a colorful place to be. Also Belle is reading Shakespeare.

(Although Romeo and Juliet? It feels like the easy route for this film. Just saying.)

Emma Watson does sing in this as well. I like her voice. Is it amazing? No. But I like voices that sound real and a little imperfect. Mainly because it makes me with my own imperfect voice feel more comfortable singing the songs.

Check out the clip below.

Beauty and the Beast hits theatres on March 17th.

Bec Heim