Beauty And The Beast Releases Featurette About “Bringing Beauty To Life”

Credit: Giphy

Beauty and the Beast is hitting theatres in about a month. While fans of the film are super excited for it, there is the question of ‘why’? After all, the original animated feature is pretty damn perfect. It was so good that it was the first animated film to score an Academy Award nom.

The obvious answer is to make that money. Hollywood is a business. Disney remaking their animated classics into live action is a business move.

In the new featurette, “Bringing Beauty To Life”, the film’s director Bill Condon attempts to answer that question.

“I just thought it was the most beautiful and perfect movie. The question becomes why remake something that’s perfect. Part of it was this great opportunity to tell it in a live-action, fully photoreal version, and distinguish Belle again 25 years later as a 21st-century heroine.”

I do admit that the main draw is seeing this amazing movie in live action.

Also in the featurette is Emma Watson (Belle) and Dan Stevens (Beast) discussing their own experiences with the film. The whole featurette certainly shows the passion behind the cast and crew of this film.

Beauty and the Beast will hit theatres on March 17th.

Bec Heim