Beauty And The Beast Releases Clip Focusing On (Who Else?) Gaston

Credit: Tumblr

Beauty and the Beast is so close to release in the US.

I have been mentally and spiritually preparing myself ever since I heard about this. I think that I won’t be a sobbing, gibbering mess. But I wouldn’t guarantee. The feels could be so very, very real.

Now we’re seeing all of the clips for this upcoming film. The latest one released focuses on everyone’s favorite bad guy, Gaston (Luke Evans). This is more, naturally, of “Gaston” the song. It is the ode to that guy’s ego.

We do get to see more of Josh Gad singing. So I’m not complaining. Truly, he has been cast in the perfect role as LeFou.

I have to give it to Luke Evans. He has a pretty solid singing voice. Granted, I would have liked it to be a bit deeper. I just picture Gaston with a deep voice.

Now this just seems to be an extended clip. We saw a bit of this on Good Morning America a few weeks back. After the film’s premiere in Shanghai, they released a longer version. This version of the song will also feature brand new lyrics.

So that’s fun.

Beauty and the Beast will hit theatres on March 17th. Prepare yourself.

Bec Heim