Aram Takes On The Architect’s Plans in This Week’s The Blacklist



The Blacklist has been back from hiatus for several weeks now, and things are crazier than you ever imagined they could be. Don’t believe me? Red’s circle is getting smaller by the day as associate after associate disappears. Liz went undercover to infiltrate a ring of thieves and keep the task force going. Tom is dealing with the fallout from his father’s death and his new life with Liz and Agnes. Now, Aram is finally back in action after facing repercussions from his girlfriend hacking the FBI database. He has been sent undercover in a hacking group that will lead him to this week’s Blacklist-er: The Architect.

The Bottom of the Barrel

Red has made his way through a string of previous Blacklist-ers in an attempt to regain control over his life and his business. Red’s target this week is Isabella Stone. After hijacking her transport, Cooper demands something ‘big’ from Red amid pressure from his bosses, or else their deal is off. That brings us to The Architect.

The Architect is a brilliant third party who is paid to orchestrate crimes and disasters. With some help from Ressler and Liz, Aram finds his way undercover to become the Architect’s newest IT asset. When Aram is competing in a contest to crack a code the quickest, he notices his ex-girlfriend – who is supposed to be in jail. When he wins, the Architect makes a violent entrance and Aram and Elise run off; if the Architect finds out either of them work for the government, they’re in trouble (oh yeah, she now works for NSA).

In Action

While Aram and Elise try to escape from the hacking party they were at (he is terrified and she has info for the NSA), Cooper is getting pushback from the heads of state he reports to. They want to shut down the task force (we see you, Laurel Hitchin) and have called off the investigation into Reven Wright’s murder (cough Laurel again), much to Ressler’s dismay.

Throughout the episode, Reddington makes it his mission to torture Isabella Stone in any and every way he can. He literally locks her in a freezer and questions her until he gets what he wants – a name for the one who sold him out to her and paid her to attack him. When Red gets what he wants, he makes his way to the next person he needs to question. His next associate, who keeps track of money, pushes Red around a bit before confronting him. Red is desperate to know who is after him and his banker gets angry at Red’s probing.

Break Out

With Aram in tow, the Architect makes his way to a federal prison in Greeneville, PA, where an inmate is making his way to the literal end of his life. As the inmate eats his final meal, he receives directions on how to break out at the Architect’s sign. Where does Aram come in? Oh, he is going to override security and open the gates remotely so the prisoner has no trouble getting out of there. Aram doesn’t know the definition of playing it cool, and the Architect notices how uncomfortable and fidget-y he is; he also notices that Aram has places a thumb drive in the laptop to transmit the data to the FBI. Oops.

Just when we think Aram is out of ideas, he convinces the Architect to keep him alive long enough to open the gates for the prisoner – and hopefully long enough for Liz, Ressler, and Samar to get there. He gets barely enough time, and, after a shootout with the FBI, the Architect drives off. Aram isn’t about to let him off the hook, though, and detonates the explosive that was in the SUV, effectively ending the Architect and his plans for mass destruction.

Eyes Wide Open

Reddington visits his banker once more and demands answers. The banker’s business is based on privacy and confidentiality, but agrees to do some digging when Red threatens the life of the renowned painter whose work he values.

After a scary day, Samar and Aram are getting their feet back under them, and making their way back to friends. There is definitely some tension between the two, especially surrounding Elise’s presence, but Aram seems to be handling it all well.

At their house, Liz and Tom are finally able to catch up after the craziness. Tom paid a few visits to the mother of the man who admitted to murdering Christopher Hargrave (aka, young Tom Keen), and Liz identifies with his desire to understand some semblance of his messed up childhood.

Traitor Among Us

Finally, in one of the most shocking but amazing twists we have seen from The Blacklist this season, Raymond Reddington receives a phone call from his banker. The banker is furious and asks Red why he is testing him and his loyalty. Confused, Red again asks for the identity of who has betrayed him. Imagine Red’s surprise when the banker tells him the money paid to Isabella Stone came from his own account.

“You have been catastrophically compromised,” he tells Reddington. “Forget having your testicles scratched – you’ve been catrated.”

Aaaaand, blackout.

Holy hell, y’all. We know things are getting good when Red is speechless, and when there is a special two-hour episode on Thrusday! Will we learn the identity of the traitor? Knowing this show, probably not…but I still have my theories! My number one guess definitely has to be Dembe, although it’s tough to imagine him being that deceitful. Other predictions include Tom Keen for obvious reasons, Ressler for his utter disdain for Red, and Mr. Kaplan. I guess we will wait until Thursday (or later) to find out who has committed the ultimate sin against Raymond Reddington.

Until then, feel free to speculate with me in the comments!

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