Trailer and New Images Released for Sherlock’s “The Final Problem”

Credit: BBC

While we are still trying to recover from Sunday’s episode, “The Final Problem” of Sherlock is fast approaching.

Naturally, a trailer for the last episode of series four has been released to make us even more excited about it. From what we can see in the trailer, they definitely succeed in doing so.

The trailer starts out with a few scenes from the upcoming series finale, while at the same time Mycroft tells Sherlock that “every choice you’ve ever made, every path you’ve ever take – the man you are today is your memory of Eurus.”

“The Final Problem” looks like it’s going to be just as intense of an episode as “The Lying Detective” has been, if not even more. Especially now that we know who Eurus really is.

In the trailer we can see Sherlock handing a gun to John; in another scene Sherlock is sitting on the floor against a wall and clearly struggling with something, while John tells him that he” has got to keep it together.”

After all, it is not a game anymore, as the trailer kindly reminds us.

The trailer concludes with Sherlock and John seemingly flying away while something is exploding in the background.

If the trailer wasn’t enough to have us eagerly awaiting the new episodes, new images of the episode have been released of our beloved characters and some have us worried.

The first one of Mrs. Hudson seems rather cheerful, as the landlady (not housekeeper) seems to be delighted about something, while standing in 221B’s kitchen.

Credit: BBC/Hartswood Films/Robert Viglasky

There have been three pictures released that show Mycroft. While the first looks more like a promotional picture, where the older Holmes brother looks skeptically into the camera.

Credit: BBC/Hartswood Films/Robert Viglasky

The second and third one, in contrast, are taken from the episode. In the first of the two, Mycroft is watching something that is projected onto a screen or wall and he seems surprised about what he’s looking at but also puzzled about it at the same time. The question “How is this possible” is practically written onto his forehead.

Credit: BBC/Hartswood Films/Laurence Cendrowicz

In the last one of the new images of Mycroft, the government official is looking up at someone (possibly Sherlock?) but doesn’t seem as surprised to see that person, which makes us deduce that it must be someone he knows and has expected to see.

Credit: BBC/Hartswood Films/Joss Barrett

The new images also include a picture of John, who has been through a lot already in this new series. In the image, he is in (possibly) Mycroft’s house, as the background looks familiar from scenes before when Mycroft was at home, as it was the case in the episode “A Scandal in Belgravia”. John looks rather tired in the shot and worried, though the latter shouldn’t be too surprising. The episode is called “The Final Problem” after all. Though, the most important thing about the picture is that he’s still alive which means that Eurus didn’t succeed in shooting him.

Credit: BBC/Hartswood Films/Laurence Cendrowicz

Of course, there are also new pictures of Sherlock that have been released and while the first one looks like a promotional picture as well, where Sherlock looks directly into the camera.

Credit: BBC/Hartswood Films/Laurence Cendrowicz

The second and third one are taken from the final episode. In one, he’s deeply thinking, possibly even in his mind palace trying to figure something out about “the Final Problem”.

Credit: Credit: BBC/Hartswood Films/Laurence Cendrowicz

In the last one, he’s walking down a corridor (probably), as a red light shines at him and the detective looks very serious and there’s some kind of emotion present in his eyes. It is most likely the same red light we’ve seen at the end of “The Lying Detective” just before the episode ended.

Credit: BBC/Hartswood Films/Robert Viglasky

The last two images are behind the scenes shots from the upcoming episode. One shows Sue Vertue (producer), Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch in 221B’s kitchen listening to a fourth person explaining something to them.

Credit: BBC/Hartswood Films/Robert Viglasky

The last behind the scenes image is from when they were filming a scene and you can see Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock in the editor’s screen. Whatever it is the detective sees, he looks rather speechless about it. In the background, at another screen, there is a blurry image of Sherlock as well and he almost has the same expression on his face than on the clearer version. Although, it is a different set and in the blurry image, he is somewhere outside while he’s inside in the other clearer one.

Credit: BBC/Hartswood Films/Robert Viglasky

These images and the trailer look pretty intense and I’m sure that’s how the entire episode is going to be.

It’s good that we still have time to recover and prepare ourselves for “The Finale Problem” when it airs on Sunday, January 15 on PBS in the US and BBC One in the UK.

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