The CW Renews DC Shows, Crazy-Ex Girlfriend And More


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Today is a very good day for fans of The CW. In accordance with the Television Critics Association winter press tou,r the network has revealed some of the programs that will be returning in the 2017/2018 season.

To no one’s surprise The CW’s top shows surrounding the superheroes of the DC Comics universe will be with us for yet another year. The Flash will continue with season four, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow with season three, Supergirl (which moved from CBS to The CW last season) will continue with season three and Arrow will be back with its whopping sixth season.

Could we be any happier?!

Oh yes, actually we could.

Because in addition to those series that were almost too sure to be renewed, we also find a series on the roster for 2017/2018 that had been fighting with mediocre ratings, albeit having a large fanbase and several noteworthy award wins. Rachel Bloom’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend will be back on The CW with another season! We’re so happy, we might actually break out into a song.

However, we are not quite done. Supernatural, the oldest of all CW shows, will be back with its 13th season –which in itself feels unreal-, as well as Jane The Virgin, which will continue with its fourth season.

“Over the past several seasons, The CW has built a schedule of proven performers, from our lineup of DC superheroes, to critically acclaimed comedies, to sci-fi dramas,” so Mark Pedowitz, CW president.

“Early pickups of these seven series now allow our producers to plan ahead for next season, and gives us a solid base to build on for next season, with original scripted series to roll out all year long.” And good planning equals good writing, right? That’s what we’re looking forward to after all.

But, where there’s winners, there have to be losers.

The CW had already announced that both The Vampire Diaries and Reign would end 2017, currently running in their eighth and fourth season respectively.

For fans of The Originals, The 100 and iZombie the wait continues. Whether we will get to go on more adventures with the vampires, zombies and criminals turned explorers is yet to be determined.

These three shows, as well as newbie Riverdale will only premiere mid-season, therefore no decision has been made as of yet. The same goes for Frequency and No Tomorrow, both premiered this season and had not received back orders, which means a cancellation is likely.

Fans, now it’s time to be vocal and demand to keep your favorite shows on air!

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