The Bellas Are Back To Work On Pitch Perfect 3

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As we all slowly get back into work following the holidays, some famous faces are also pitching in and joining us. The Barden Bellas are back for Pitch Perfect 3 and a number of the cast have taken to social media to mark the start of production.

Leads Anna Kendrick (Beca) and Rebel Wilson (Fat Amy) posted a group photo of the girls to their Instagram accounts on January 5, Kendrick tagging hers “Team” and Wilson captioning hers “#PP3 #Bellas Day One Pitches x”.

#PP3 #Bellas Day One Pitches x

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Joining Kendrick and Wilson were cast members Brittany Snow (Chloe), Anna Camp (Aubrey), Chrissie Fit (Flo), Hana Mae Lee (Lilly), Ester Dean (Cynthia-Rose), Kelley Jackle (Jessica) and Shelley Regner (Ashley).

Producer, Pitch Perfect 2 director, and the woman behind a cappella podcaster Gail, Elizabeth Banks also got in on the action, appearing with her costars in Camp’s photo as well as posting the same photo captioned “Um, guess what’s ON. #pp3 #day1 #chloe #aubrey #gail #flo #jessica @pitchperfectmovie”.

Taco time. #pitchperfect3 day one. ✌🏻️

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And it looks like there’s been no fun at all had on the first day of work based on another post from Camp. No doubt Chloe is trying to help Aubrey with her performance-induced vomiting.

Having no fun at all #bts of the first #pitchperfect with @brittsnowhuh and @kelleyjakle #fbf #pitchperfect3 😜

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Snow has also started actively campaigning for a big star cameo in the film, posting a pic of herself with the star in question saying, “At today’s #pitchperfect3 table read: I tried really hard to work in a Kenny G cameo… I don’t think he’s available-but production got us this!”

Instead of Kenny G (well at this stage), the Bellas are going to be joined by actress, singer and Prince protégé Andy Allo as well as Australian actress and star of Orange Is The New Black, Ruby Rose for this third outing.

Little has been revealed about the third film, however, at the end of the second, the Bellas were returning triumphant from the World Championships, a feat made even sweeter in that they were desperately trying to restore their reputation following a very embarrassing public performance for the President’s birthday. Having conquered the USA and the world in a cappella, what’s left for the Bellas to do? Whatever it is, Step Up: All In’s Trish Sie is in charge of bringing it to us.

Pitch Perfect 3 will be released later this year on December 22.

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