Team Thor Mockumentary Gets A Part 2

Credit: Marvel

If you have been following our write ups about Thor: Ragnarok and director Taiki Waititi you might remember the mockumentary that Waititi released last year.

Because shooting a huge Marvel blockbuster isn’t really enough, Waititi has been working on a little side project about what Thor was doing during Captain America: Civil War. It turns out that he was sharing a place in Australia with a guy called Darryl.

Here’s the first instalment in case you missed it:

The short shows us a casual Thor in his board shorts, and some aspects of day to day live on Midgard. In an effort to be a part of the community, we see Thor visiting the local school. I can only imagine how excited the kids were in real life to shoot that (not to mention the teacher).

The send up has been made in the same style as Waititi’s cult vampire comedy, What We Do In the Shadows.

Starring Chris Hemsworth in his role as Thor we also get to meet Darryl (Daley Pearson), Thor’s flat-mate in Australia.

Pearson is an award winning writer and director and created The Strange Calls on Netflix as well as the Emmy Award winning 7 Days Later.

Part 2 of the short is now to be included on the Doctor Strange Blu-ray and digital releases coming out on February 28th.

Will this be the actual tie in to how Thor: Ragnarok gets started? Does Thor take off without the mighty Moljnr? Did he ever get replies to his emails from Tony Stark and Steve Rogers? And are we going to look back on that mind map about infinity stones and realise there were clues staring us right in the face… especially that mugshot of Loki that’s posted there?

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