“Supergirl Lives!” In This Kevin Smith Directed Midseason Premiere

Credit: The CW

Hey Supergirl fans!

It’s certainly been awhile since we were last together, hasn’t it? Now we really need Supergirl more than ever.

Where we left off! Kara ended the MEDUSA program and went to save Earth-One. Alex and Maggie are dating. James and Winn are having that stupid Guardian subplot where they are keeping secrets from Kara. J’onn was cured of the White Martian blood. And some random ladies want to kill Mon-El.

So let’s see what we’re handling tonight, shall we?

BOOM! Some bad guys are trying to get away from Kara and hit her with a tank missle. Because of course that’s what bad guys have. While Kara is able to get the driver, James (in the Guardian) beats the others up. Winn gets the third who runs away, but the guy overpowers him and is about to shoot him. At the DEO, Kara is feeling in a funk and without a people protecting element. Alex can’t do a sister night because she has a date with Maggie. She’s getting so adorably cheesy and happy. Alex tries to convince Maggie for a sick day. At work, both Kara and James have a fight over their stories that they want publish each praising their own heroic work. A woman comes up to Snapper needing his help. Her daughter, Izzy, has gone missing. She wants to get her story out there and Kara agrees to help. Snapper thinks she is an idiot because this not their job. Kara goes to the alien bar where Mon-El is now working. Mon-El thinks that she is looking for trouble by going on this. Maggie gives Kara a flash drive with Izzy’s case and tells her about a spike in missing persons’ cases. We see a random guy brought in and dragged somewhere super sketchy as Roulette steps out. So wow. This is a good move.

Case: Winn finds a connection between the case: National City Clinical Research. Kara is planning on investigating further into it, but she is concerned about Winn’s black eye. Winn says he was mugged. Alex is still glowing from her night with Maggie and the sisters are adorable in their support. Kara assures Alex that she will be fine handling the case. Mon-El takes a break from his new job at the bar in order to help Kara check out the research center. And the scientist there is a Gorn? He looks like a Gorn. Kara and Mon-El fight back when the portal opens up, but the Gorn escape through it. Kara goes to follow, telling Mon to call Alex. She lands on a planet with a red sun, which means no powers. Mon comes through to help her, but the portal closes before they get through.

Red: Continuing with the trend of not making good choices, Kara wants to go to the scary murder castle without her powers to free the people. She does not have a plan. No one knows where they are. On Earth, Winn yells at James about what happened with the gun the night before. Alex interrupts them because she is worried about Kara. Luckily Winn knew where she was going. So they find the gate. Winn makes the obligatory Stargate reference (thank you Winn). On the planet (Slavers’ Moon), Kara and Mon keep walking toward the city. Mon is captured in a trap by one of the Gorn, who have another name but I missed it, named Joe. Joe tells them about the planet and the slaves. We learned that Daxam’s royal family had slaves, which Mon-El did not agree with. In order to free Izzy, Kara and Mon-El surrender themselves.

Good Decisions: Kara is escorted to where the Gorn (the Maldorians) are keeping the humans. She meets Izzy Williams, but the red sun thing. Then she sees Roulette again who is happy to see Kara back in her power. On Earth, Alex feels horrible about what happened to her sister. She feels like she let her happiness distract her and breaks up with Maggie. Meanwhile J’onn cannot go onto Slavers’ Moon because of the atmosphere’s toxicity to Martians. So it’s a human mission. Roulette in forms Kara that she got into human trafficking after her fight club was dismantled. On the planet, diamonds are like to dirt. So she gets paid well. To make matters worse, the group has been bought by the Invaders. Back on Earth, Alex prepares to lead a group through the portal and she wants Winn there as well. Winn refuses and tells Alex about his near death experience. Alex is able to convince him to come. Back in the cage, Kara and Mon fight about what heroism means. Kara takes a bunch of heavy duty tasers to the gut trying to protect the others.

BAMF: Mon-El and the humans fight back and put their captors into a cell. At the gate, the team enters, leaving Winn to guard. It’s pretty much badass as the two groups kick ass and take all kinds of names. Mon-El takes a blast meant for Kara. The Invader tells one of the Maldorians that Mon is not meant to be harmed. Then he bows. MON-EL IS TOALLY A PRINCE! Alex and Kara’s groups eventally meet. At the gate, Winn kicks one of the Maldroains ass, declaring THAT HE IS NOT A RED SHIRT. He then opens the gate as everyone runs through. Including Joe. Izzy gets captured again but Alex uses a sun grenade to give Kara recharge (a gift from J’onn). It was all one hundred percent badass. Back on Earth, everyone celebrates and there is a Martian Dad hug from J’onn! Joe declares that Earth smells funny.

Reunions: At Catco, Izzy and her mother are reunited because of course it’s at Catco. Kara gives her story to Snapper, who is secretly impressed with her. Winn and James patch up their friendship. At her apartment, Alex and Maggie talk about what happen. Maggie has figured out that Kara is her sister. The two of them have a mature talk about what happens and Alex apologizes. She tells Maggie that she wants to be happy with her. At her apartment, Mon-El brings Kara some club soda. He tells her that he was wrong and that he was inspired by her. Mon wants to be a superhero; he wants to help Kara keep the world spinning. Kara gets him a Highlights magazine of his very own.

Trouble: The two women searching for Mon-El land on Daxam. The scientist tells them that Mon-El is on Earth. Then they vaporize the guy.

Bec Heim