Sherlock’s “The Lying Detective” Bears A Shocking Revelation

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Sherlock is back with its second episode. Unlike the previous episode, “The Lying Detective“ starts much darker due to Mary’s devastating death.

John tries to cope with the death of his wife by drowning his sadness in alcohol and begins to see a new therapist. He also keeps imagining Mary and talks to her. He hasn’t been in touch with Sherlock ever since the night at the London Aquarium. He pretends that Sherlock didn’t want to see him.

The session with his therapist gets interrupted by a sports car showing up in front of the therapist’s house and various police cars and a helicopter close behind.

Three weeks earlier, Sherlock takes on the case of Faith Smith, the daughter of Culverton Smith, even though he clearly his high and unable to deduce.

She tells him that her father had drugged her and others to be able to tell them his darkest secret, which they would forget right after again.

The secret?

He needs to kill someone.

After that, Faith writes everything down. For two years after, she tries to find out who her father needed to kill, which brings her to Sherlock.

They talk and walk through London at night. The next day, Faith is suddenly gone.

Sherlock obsesses over Culverton Smith. Eventually, Sherlock figures out that Smith’s a serial killer.

Three weeks later, Mrs. Hudson comes to check on Sherlock, who is high on drugs. She brings Sherlock to John in her sports car, so the army doctor could examine him.

Apparently, Sherlock knew for two weeks where to find him on that exact day. He not only led Mrs. Hudson there, but also Culverton Smith who sends a car to pick John up.

The duo goes to see Smith. It seems like Sherlock has been played by Smith. The three later go to a hospital that Smith owns. They take a tour through it and get to see Smith’s favorite room: the morgue.

In there, Sherlock confronts Culverton and reveals that he has texted Faith before from Smith’s phone. He believes that he can get Smith to confess.

When Faith walks into the room, however, it is not the person Sherlock expects to see. He realizes that the woman who came to see him wasn’t Faith Smith. He starts questioning himself. Maybe no one came to see him and he just imagined it due to his drug abuse?

Due to his altered state, Sherlock starts to freak out. John stops him. Then he becomes overwhelmed and starts beating him up. John finally admits that he blames Sherlock for Mary’s death.

Sherlock gets admitted to Smith’s hospital right after. John visits him once to say goodbye and leaves his old walking stick as a parting gift.

Once Sherlock is alone in the hospital room, Smith gets into the room through a secret door. They start to talk. Sherlock eventually tells him that he wants Smith to kill him and even tells him how to do it. Smith gets impatient and tries to suffocate Sherlock.

Meanwhile, John finds the video Mary had sent to Sherlock and watches it along with Mrs. Hudson. He finds out that Mary told Sherlock exactly how he has to save John.

The detective needs to go to hell and he needs to make it look like he means it. The only way to save John Watson is to make him save Sherlock. Mary tells him that he needs to find a bad enough person. Sherlock needs to start a fight with him so that his life will eventually be endangered. John is forced to save him.

John realizes what is about to happen and is able to save Sherlock just in time. There was a recording device in John’s old walking stick. They are able to get Smith’s confession.

Back at Baker Street, everything seems to go back to normal between Sherlock and John. They talk more about the case. When John wants to leave, Mary (in his imagination) makes John tell Sherlock that he doesn’t blame him for his wife’s death and that he knows that Mary died because she wanted to save Sherlock’s life. In return, Sherlock admits that he cannot cope with the value that Mary has conferred upon his life by saving him.

John is about to leave when Sherlock suddenly receives a text from the Woman.

The doctor breaks down in front of his best friend. John explains to Sherlock how lucky he is that his woman is still alive while his own is dead.

He admits to Sherlock that Mary was wrong about him. He then turns to Mary, whom he is still imagining, and apologizes to her for cheating on her, and for not being the man she thought he was. Even though that man is the one he wants to be. Mary tells him to get the hell on with it. John breaks down in tears. Sherlock starts to comfort him.

Later, Sherlock is back to normal and takes cases again. He accidentally finds the note from “Faith Smith”. He is able to make a final deduction. He finds message written on it in invisible ink.

“Miss me?”

In the meantime, John is talking to his therapist again. There is something about her that catches John’s attention. Somehow she knows about the secret brother.

He questions her and she admits that she has spent a night with Sherlock walking around London. She is the woman who pretended to be Faith Smith.

She takes off her glasses and explains to John how she has gotten the note from Smith’s daughter from Smith himself, because a mutual friend has put them together. She has added deductions for Sherlock to get his attention.

She takes off her colored contacts and reveals herself as “E”, the woman John has texted before.

She takes out a gun and points it at John.

John demands to know who she is and she tells him that she is “Eurus”, which means the east wind. She adds that her parents loved silly names, like Eurus, Mycroft or Sherlock.

Sherlock’s secret brother is in fact Sherlock’s secret sister!

The episode concludes with Eurus pulling the trigger.

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The second episode of the series manages to pull you in and is extremely intense throughout the entire time. There are a few laughs in between it, though they do not change how you’re left with just three words running through your mind when the episode ends: What the F***!

John’s emotional monologue at the end had us in tears. “The Lying Detective” manages to finally answer more questions we had for a while.

We find out what the after credit scene from episode one meant.

There was definitely more to John’s secret woman.

And we now know that Sherlock and Mycroft have a secret sister and not a brother, or do they?

We still have no idea who Sherrinford is and because Sherlock has pointed out in the episode that people tend to stop counting after three. So could it be that there are actually four Holmes siblings?
And does Eurus really shoot John? Or is it another plot twist?

There’s only one way to find out: to watch next week’s episode “The Final Problem.”

Highlights of the episode:

  • Mrs. Hudson
  • John and Mary’s ongoing talks
  • John beating Sherlock up
  • When John saves Sherlock
  • Sherlock receiving a text message from Irene Adler
  • John’s apology to Mary
  • Revelation of Eurus
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