Peter Capaldi To Hand Over The Keys To The TARDIS At The End Of Doctor Who Season Ten

Credit: BBC
Credit: BBC

It has been speculated for quite some time that Peter Capaldi would leave Doctor Who after season ten, especially when Steven Moffat announced that season ten will be the last season he will be working on.

However, the time for speculation is over and Whovians need to be very strong now. The actor revealed that the upcoming season will be his last. Peter Capaldi was speaking to Jo Whiley on her BBC Radio 2 show today and revealed the news, saying that he “feels it’s time to move on.”

The news was confirmed via the official Doctor Who twitter account:

The last time we will see Capaldi as Twelve will be in 2017’s Christmas episode. Apparently the actor “isn’t done yet” and we are neither.

Peter Capaldi has been playing the Doctor since 2013, and as Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat’s co-writer on Sherlock and Doctor Who , pointed out on his Twitter account that Peter Capaldi will always be the Doctor.

Now the question on everyone’s lips is who will follow in Capaldi’s footsteps. Lots of fans have already demanded the first female Doctor and numerous times there have been suggestions of actresses who could take on the role of the Doctor. After all, we have already been introduced to the first female Master in the form of Missy and she is pretty amazing. So, it seems to be the perfect time to finally meet a female Doctor.

First we will have to bid Peter Capaldi goodbye when he returns as Twelve in season ten of Doctor Who on April 15 on BBC One.

Anna Hattingen