Livewire Attacks And Secrets Are Revealed In “We Can Be Heroes” On This Week’s Supergirl

Credit: The CW

Hey Supergirl fans!

Ready to go to a world where the bad guys always lose and good triumphs? Because I know that I am.

Last week, Winn found his inner badass and Mon-El found his inner hero. Alex and Maggie had their first relationship roadblock. Maggie also knew that Kara was Supergirl this whole time. Kara got way too involved in a story and saved a girl.

So let’s see what happens this week, shall we?

Hero Training: Mon-El and Kara are definitely doing some super legit hero training this week. Kara thinks that, aside from one cardboard casualty, it’s time for Mon-El to join the hero-ing business. Now, however, he just needs some threads. Meanwhile, we see a bit of James’ Guardian giftwraps some thugs for the police, but he gets a little shot. Winn freaks out over this and pretty much demands that James tell Kara the truth. He can’t keep up this anymore and never liked it to begin with. At the DEO, M’gann has some sort of White Martian attack of crazy in her cell and passes out after talking about death and beautiful war. She screams the glass broken. Physically, she seems totally fine. Alex thinks she may be faking. J’onn says that the lights are on in M’gann, but no one is home. Despite calling her a war criminal, he seems concerned about M’gann. In prison, Livewire has a talk with her therapist. She spews a lot of crazy talking about frying Supergirl. Simultaneously to Livewire’s talk, there is a prison break in progress. Her therapist is killed and Livewire is freed.

Nemesis: Alex and Maggie examine the crime scene. Kara pushes her way into the cell and is having a little freak out. She wants to find Livewire before she hurts someone. At the DEO, Winn shows how salty he is about Silver Banshee transformation while Mon-El is excited to go at it. Kara, however, cautions them about how dangerous Livewire is. Livewire attacks some NCPD officers. In the hospital wing, J’onn and Alex have a fight about what to do with M’gann who is nearing brain death. Alex thinks J’onn should mind-meld with her. But it would give a large part of memories that J’onn does not want a White Martian to have. So he prefers for M’gann to drown in her own sins. At Catco, James and Kara have a meeting together. James voices his concerns about Mon-El to Kara after calming her down about Livewire. Seeing the attack on TV, Kara goes off to fight who she thinks is Livewire. News alert, it’s the inmate and fake guard that helped to break Livewire out. Soooo…apparently Livewire can share her powers now or something. Kara tells Mon-El to watch the cops, but Mon disobeys to help Kara out. Guardian breaks in and saves a cop’s life, but gets knocked out in the process. After the pair get away, Kara briefly scolds Mon-El for disobeying her. The pair go to check on Guardian and the cop. Kara removes the helmet to reveal James.

Guardian: At the DEO, things are hella awkward in the wake of the revelation. Kara finds out that Alex and Winn knew, but Mon-El didn’t. James said that this is between them. Kara is freezing in her anger. Kara and James have a fight about their philosophies for heroism. Kara is scared that James will get himself killed. She promises that she will stop James if he continues as Guardian. James says that this is not for Kara to decide. At the hospital wing, J’onn watches as M’gann slowly slips away. Alex and J’onn have a conversation about saving M’gann. J’onn wants to hate her. He doesn’t want to forgive her. Alex tells him that forgiveness is something that you give to yourself. Kara and Mon-El also have a fight about protecting people. He can’t put her above all else. Kara wants to know if he is working with her because he likes her. Mon-El says that he just wants to work with her. Kara stalks off saying that he has done enough heroing and goes to look for Livewire. Livewire? Well she’s with some kind of douchebag scientist who is harnessing her power for evil.

Silence: They watch the prison security feed to see that Livewire was kidnapped. Winn says that he is having trouble finding her energy signature. Turns out that was a lie. He just wanted James to get there first so he can help. In the hospital wing, J’onn decides to help M’gann out. With Alex and Kara by his side, he dives into the meld with M’gann preparing to live through some horrible things. M’gann begs him to leave. She couldn’t kill a little boy that the other White Martians wanted her to kill. She freed the boy. She went back to kill her people and burn the place to the ground. J’onn talks with M’gann, offers forgiveness, and calls her his friend. It’s easily one of the best moments that David Harewood has given in the show. Hands. Down. In the real world, they wake up. And I am in tears. Apparently, the man is making super soldiers with Livewire’s power. She calls it copyright infringement. The alert goes off as Guardian enters. He starts to free Livewire when Mon-El crashes in. The two argue, but the scientist douchebag shows that he, apparently, gave himself powers as well.

Captured: Winn lets Kara know that Mon-El and James have been captured after disobeying her wishes. Kara goes to save them. Livewire calls them idiots. With the d-bag scientist taunting them, he prepares to kill Livewire. Kara comes in and utterly OWNS him in seconds. She frees Livewire and is able to convince her into teaming up with them. After all, d-bag tried to take away her powers. Livewire proposes a deal: him for her freedom. Kara makes a counteroffer. She’ll wait to chase after Leslie after putting away the d-bag scientist. Leslie wants a just girls fight next time and disappears.

Reckless: J’onn dresses down Winn, but he also says he and James make a good team. Alex, Maggie and Kara talk about Livewire briefly. Kara believes there is some good in her. With Winn and James, she tells them that she cannot stop them but she won’t support them. J’onn goes to visit M’gann. J’onn tells her that she is free and that the pair of them have the right to move on. She tells J’onn that she was under a psychic attack. The White Martians know where she is and they are coming. At her apartment, Kara and Mon-El have a talk. He does remember kissing her. Mon-El says that he saves her because he cares about her with her eyes like comets. Kara does care about him, but not in the same way. She thanks him for being honest with her. The pair of them high-five.

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