Jimmy Fallon Teases Awards Opener Ahead Of Sunday’s Golden Globes Ceremony

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Awards season kicks off this Sunday with the Golden Globe awards. The stars of movies and TV will come together to celebrate the past year’s stand out performances and generally let their hair down. In charge of wrangling this circus for 2017 is Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, and PEOPLE managed to catch up with him at the 74th Annual Golden Globes Awards Preview Day yesterday (January 4).

An award’s show opener can make or break a host. It needs to be entertaining, light hearted, generally highlight some of the big nominees, and if you can throw in some A-List cameos, you’re well on your way to an opening that will garner more thumbs up than thumbs down on social media. Luckily Fallon seems to have it under control with a few of his celeb friends already lined up to lend a hand. However, that doesn’t necessarily assist with nerves associated with hosting duties.

“I’m always nervous. I always get butterflies in my stomach,” Fallon admitted. “I’ve been writing jokes and planning on what the opening is going to be. We’ve been shooting. It’s the first time ever the Golden Globes is having a cold open — like a filmed piece — which I’m excited they let me do.”

And what can we expect from the opener? Well, in short, “a lot of cameos”. Fallon was quite cagey at first, saying, “There’s a lot of people who are going to be involved with the opening. I don’t want to name names or spoil anything.” Only to later add, “But Ryan Reynolds … Someone’s going to be in there,” then whispered, “Tina Fey. Uh, but it’s going to be good. Justin Timberlake — and Kit Harington.”

That’s certainly a good mix to have on your side. Not to mention something for everyone… superhero, comedy, singer/dancer and Jon Snow himself – I think we might be in safe hands.

Speaking of Tina Fey, did the popular host have any advice for Fallon? He revealed that he approached not only Fey but also Amy Poehler and Ricky Gervais for tips – though they didn’t really provide much assistance. “I’ve talked to all of them and I asked them all for advice,” Fallon admitted. “They all basically said the same thing, which is, ‘Jimmy, you host a show five nights a week. I don’t think you’re going to have a problem. You know what hosting is more than we do.’ They’re like, ‘We’re movie stars. We’re TV stars. You’re a host. Don’t ask us for advice, you moron.'”

While he promises a “ton of fun” on the night, he gave a little shout-out to the behind-the-scenes team and why putting on ceremonies such as the Globes is so important. “…everyone works so hard on these things. I know it looks fun and it looks easy, but they spend years of their life making these TV shows and these movies. I think they deserve a little recognition and say ‘Hey, thanks’ because there’s people out there that need entertainment, that need laughs, they need to think about stuff, they need to love more — and these people are all making it happen.”

Given the past twelve months and what we are facing over the next twelve, these movies and TV shows are certainly needed, either to reflect what is going on in the world or provide an escape from it.

The 74th Golden Globe Awards air live on NBC January 8 from 8pm ET.

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