Everyone’s Favorite Nurse: Here’s How Claire Temple Will Fit In The Defenders

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If you ask most people who their favorite character in the Netflix/Marvel series is, then I think they would say Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson).

A badass competent nurse who worked in Hell’s Kitchen and grew up in Harlem, Claire has made appearances in all of the Netflix/Marvel series. She has little tolerance for nonsense, and is just as much of a hero.

With appearances assured in the upcoming Iron Fist series, we look toward the pièce de résistance of the Marvel and Netflix’s labor: The Defenders.

Where does our favorite nurse fit into that series?

According to Mike Colter in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Claire’s and Luke Cage’s relationship is still going strong.

“Anytime you’re smitten with someone and hanging out with them for the first time, there’s a spark. That newness makes everybody excited.”

And he joked about Claire’s sparky relationship with Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox), particularly in season one.

“Daredevil didn’t have a romance [with Claire], we didn’t see that. didn’t see it. My story is that she spent the night and then she slept in another bedroom. So I’m sorry, I need some kind of evidence that Claire and Daredevil did it. This is just hearsay. She’s my girl.”

Dawson, however, owns her role even on set. Showrunner Marco Ramirez talked about how well Dawson knows Claire.

“She would come up and say, ‘This is how Claire would sound,’ and I’d be like, ‘You know what? You know her very well, so absolutely, that’s how she sounds.’ Rosario has been in 10 to 15 episodes of this. There could be a full combined season of Claire, the show.”

Give Claire Temple her own TV show 2k17.

The Defenders will hit screens later this year.

Bec Heim