DC’s Legends of Tomorrow End Up In 1967 To Save The World Of Pop Culture

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And we’re back!

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returns with new episodes on a new night! What kind of trouble did our heroes get into this time? Let’s jump right into an action-packed episode that forces the team on a long-winded search for the Spear of Destiny.

“Raiders of the Lost Art” also shines some light on what former captain Rip Hunter has been up to.

The final episode of 2016 ended with the Legends handing over a rare amulet to the bad guys in order to save Martin’s life. Now it’s time for the Legends to deal with the ramifications of that trade.

New York, 6 Months Ago

The episode opens with a flashback to the end of season one.

We see our beloved Rip shutting down Gideon, the Wave Rider’s AI. He also takes a wooden object with him, before disappearing into nothingness.

In the present time, Martin wanders through the space craft to find Mick talking to himself. He reluctantly tells Martin about his hallucinations of Leonard and asks him, as nicely as Mick can, to help him fix his little problem.

With the help of Ray and Amara, Nate finally finds out what the Legion of Doom (Darhk, Merlyn, and the Speedster, as Nate so fittingly titled them), plans to do with the amulets they were able to apprehend. He tells the remaining team members that with the help of the rare Longinus medallion, the bad guys are able to locate the spear of doom, a magical artifact that assists in altering reality, which are more permanent than the aberrations to the time line.

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Los Angeles, 1967

We see Damien and Malcolm walking the streets of the City of Angels in the late sixties, in search of the spear. They quickly display that they are willing to eliminate whatever, and whoever, stands in their way. When the Legends hear about the murders showing signs of the League of Assassin’s MO, they quickly follow.

What they stumble upon in LA is a shock to everyone. We once again see Rip Hunter, film maker, working on his thesis film, which closely resembles his adventures with the Legends. It even includes a villain “as threatening as a wiener dog” – what an accurate representation of our least favorite big bad Vandal Savage.  When the Legends and the Legion arrive at the scene at the same time, a battle ensues, which is quickly broken up by the police who arrest Rip for the commotion.

The Legends and the Legion once again clash as they both try to get their hands on Rip in prison. However, they are using very different techniques. While the Legends try to break the unwilling Rip, or Phil Gasmer, as he is known in 1967, Darhk and Merlyn walk into the precinct with the intention to kill. It’s a classic heroes vs villains situation. It is only with the help of Ray and the Wave Rider that the heroes can save Rip, who firmly believes that Rip Hunter is simply a figment of his imagination, and take him back to the space ship.  Gideon tells them that he came into physical contact with the time drive, got electrocuted and as a result reprogrammed his brain.

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After rescuing Rip from his film set, Ray and Nate quickly start feeling off. They can’t seem to remember specific facts related to their fields of interest, technology and history. The Legends learn that a certain George Lucas had been working on Rip’s film, and after the traumatic event, had started working in sales. He never ended up creating Star Wars or working on Indiana Jones, which were big influences for both Ray and Nate, and their future career choices.

Upset over the inevitable loss of her inventor and her historian, who are both slowly but surely losing their powers, the team vows to persuade George Lucas to go back to film school and eventually become one of this centuries most significant filmmakers. When Nate and Ray take a rather aggressive approach, Amaya steps in and tells George that his films will one day inspire the whole world.

Meanwhile, Martin and Mick inspect the latter’s brain at the Wave Rider and find a device that has been planted there by the Time Masters, during Mick’s time as Chronos. Mick then forces Martin, under the guidance of Gideon, to perform brain surgery and remove the device.

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On the other side of the ship, Sara tries to help Rip regain his memory. She learns that he used his repressed memories to write a screenplay and has used the Spear of Destiny as a prop, which is now in the possession of George Lucas. Unfortunately, it seems like the Legion of Doom is always one step ahead. Darhk and Merlyn intercept the Legends. Defeated, George Lucas takes the Legion to the city dump, where the Spear of Destiny must be, after he threw the useless prop out.

It is only after George finally starts believing in himself and his career as a director that Ray and Nate regain their powers. Eobard Thawne, as well as a newly fueled Rip Hunter join the field. When the situation escalates, the Legends are forced to leave Rip behind. Sara is plagued by guilt, but the team tells her that they will eventually get Rip back. The Legends end this episode with a Goerge Lucas movie night.

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow starts out the second half of the second season with a solid episode. The ties that have been strung over the last few episodes finally come together as we not only learn what happened to Rip, but also what the goal of the Legion of Doom is.

We are looking forward to learning more about the Spear of Destiny and its usage in the following episodes. Maybe it can erase some of the less successful storylines that the DCTV shows explored, such as everything Vandal Savage. But all the kudos for making fun of your own horribly boring villain, it shows strength.

Incorporating George Lucas, who is such an important and influential person in the past century, and has touched the lives of so many people, was a great idea. We rarely get an insight what inspired the characters to become the people they are outside of their superhero identity, and it was a welcome digression from the average origin story trope.

Can we also once again talk about the beautiful dynamic between Malcolm Merlyn and Damien Darhk. When you put two of the sassiest villains in the history of DCTV together, what you get is annoyed eye-rolls, fun one-liners, lots of attitude and a crazy amount of chemistry. We love it, and we want a spin-off.

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Favorite Lines:

Rip: “I just can’t seem Peter to bring any menace to the part. I may need to recast. […] A film is only as good as its villain, and I have an antagonist who’s as threatening as a wiener dog.”

Amaya: “Look George, I don’t care about movies. But guys like them, they do. So before you get in that car and drive back to Modesto, just think about them. Them and all the million other people your stories will one day inspire. The future of the entire world is at stake, and you’re our only hope.”

Catch DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Tuesdays at 9/8ct on The CW.

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