Chris Evans Pranks Comic Fans With Surprise Escape Room In Boston

Credit: YouTube

Imagine you are going to a comic book store. Got it in your head? Good.Now imagine one of the action figures starts a conversation with you and gives you tasks to complete. Too weird to be true?

Not really, because exactly that happened to a few lucky people in Boston. Captain America aka Chris Evans took over a comic book store, voiced a toy version of Cap, and messed with fans in this exact way. With an escape room in mind, these people had to find hints and solve puzzles. It seems like it has been a lot of fun for everyone, but especially for Chris. He laughed just so, so much.

Not only because a little boy said “No!” when the doll asked if he was ready to help Captain America.

While this all looked like fun and games, there was a intent for the greater good behind it. Evans has teamed up with Omaze to support Christopher’s Haven.

“Christopher’s Haven operates a supportive community consisting of nine temporary apartments and a community recreation area for families of children being treated for cancer in nearby Boston hospitals. Over 300 families to date have stayed in the fully-furnished and equipped apartments located across the street from Massachusetts General Hospital. The Loft is utilized to provide programming for children undergoing outpatient treatment, as well as their siblings and parents. Activities coordinated primarily by volunteers, include massage therapy, pet therapy, arts & crafts, movie nights, birthday and holiday parties, bell-ringing ceremonies, outings to sporting events and excursions to local attractions.”

Chris Evans has already supported these kids and their families when he visited with Chris Pratt aka Star Lord over a Super Bowl bet a few years back.

The prank in the comic book store is like an advertising for the real fundraiser project. There are ten days left on the Omaze Website to donate for Christopher’s Haven and to enter the raffle. Seems pretty fair: a good cause and a chance to see Chris Evans in persons.

So at the end there will be only one person with three friends who will get the chance to be escape with Chris Evans. The people at the comic book store in Boston were given a similar experience in the prank. They talked to the doll, found hints, and ran around. At the end, they really found Chris Evans – down in the basement scaring them.

Check out the video below to enjoy the show!