Alexis Bledel On A Possible Return To Stars Hollow

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The recent Gilmore Girls revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life was billed as providing creator Amy Sherman-Palladino to wrap the series up the way she had always envisioned it. However, for those who have already watched the four 90 minute episodes, those famous last four words have many fans clamouring for more. While a number of people associated with the series have been approached about whether they would be interested in further Gilmore involvement, reporters had the chance to question series star Alexis Bledel yesterday (January 7) at her appearance at the Television Critics Association winter press tour.

Bledel was participating in a panel on Saturday to promote her upcoming drama, Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale, but questions inevitably turned towards Gilmore Girls following the panel. When asked about the future of the Netflix series, Bledel replied, “We want to tell a great story. [A Year in the Life] came together so naturally in a way. We had the fan reunion in Austin [in 2015] and we picked up momentum from there and it came together so quickly and it really seemed like the right thing. I think most of us are just wanting to tell a good story and I think that came together in A Year in the Life. The only thing I can say about a future installment of the show is it would be about the story and certainly the timing.”

That sounds as if Bledel isn’t ruling a return to Stars Hollow completely out. She was quick to add though, “I haven’t heard anything. It hasn’t been a conversation as of yet.”

Rory’s announcement to her mother Lorelai that she was pregnant at the end of the revival has raised many questions among fans, and certainly provides much fuel for more episodes – Who is the father? How will he take it? How will Rory cope as a mother? What will Lorelai be like as a grandmother? However, there’s also a group of fans who feel the series has now come full circle and, while it’s fairly apparent who the father is (though this may not be the case), do we really need to see the Gilmore Girls storyline again?

A number of fans are invested in who Rory’s baby daddy is, but Bledel is not one of them. When asked who the father is, Bledel said, “It all lives in Amy’s imagination. She has a very clear vision and always has, and we haven’t had input as to the story or the characters on that show very much. On Year in the Life, we did a little bit more than the original run of the show, but it really is all Amy.”

Not long after the revival was released on Netflix Thanksgiving weekend, Sherman-Palladino was asked about future installments. At the time she told The Hollywood Reporter that they were not really looking at that as yet. “We pitched this as close-ended. We pitched it as: ‘This is the year in the life. This is the way it was ending.’ Netflix and Warner Bros., we all went into this sort of saying that this was it. So there really haven’t been any more discussions about: Is there going to be anything else? I don’t know.”

Given it took almost a decade for Year in the Life to come to fruition, I’d never say never, but it does seem unlikely in the immediate future.

Bledel will next be seen in The Handmaid’s Tale, which will premiere on Hulu April 26.


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