4YE Quick List: Why You Should Be Watching Skam

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If you are a person of the internet odds are you have seen something about the Norwegian teen drama, Skam.

The show, which translates to Shame in English and can be compared to the UK show Skins, exploded this fall in its third season gaining a worldwide following. It is even getting an American counterpart.

If you aren’t like me and fell for the gifs on Tumblr and immediately binged watched all three seasons number one) how are you so strong? and two) you should definitely binge watch all three seasons.

Don’t believe me? Here is a list of reasons why you need to be watching Skam:

The Characters

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Every single character in this show is flawless. Not in the sense that they are perfect, no. They are real people with real issues. Also, they are actually played by people around their age – go figure! Eva, Noora, and Isak are the three characters that have been highlighted in the first three seasons and each of their stories intertwine but are so uniquely theirs. And then you have the side characters. The brilliant, brilliant side characters who are loved just as much (and sometimes more coughEvencough) as  and are just as important as the main characters. You watch this show and I can guarantee you will fall in love with the entire cast and stay up late thinking about who the main character of season four will be.

Tackling Current Issues

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From islamophobia to homophobia to mental illness to just straight up everyday drama the show covers so many issues that teenagers (and people in general) all around the world face day in and day out. If you want girls supporting girls, boys supporting boys, just really everyone supporting everyone in a way that seems so raw and real you really should give this show a chance.

The Soundtrack

If you are like me a soundtrack has the power to make a show Skam’s soundtrack won’t let you down. You will discover so much new music and will be getting obscure music recommendations from Spotify but it’s so worth it. Here is a playlist of every single song used in the show incase you want a little sneak peek:

The Little Details

Skam is one of those shows you can watch over and over again and always take something new from it because every thing is connected and there are parallels everywhere. Let’s take season three for instance; season three has a lot of parallels with Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet some times subtle sometimes not. Stuff like this happens pretty much all the time and can be credited to the amazing showrunner/writer Julie Andem. Here is a great visual of the little details that make the show so great:


Learning About Other Teen Cultures 

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If you had asked me about Norwegian teenage culture before this show I would not be able to tell you anything, now is a different story. It is so interesting to learn about the different traditions and events that students in Norway go through as opposed to in Canada, the US, and the UK like ‘russ’. It makes you want there to be a show like this in every country so you can learn more.

The Format

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The format of the show is so much fun because it updates in ‘real time’ and incorporates text messages and Instagram updates from the characters. This way the show is updated daily and then at the end of the week a full episode with all the clips released throughout the  are compiled together. It’s a really interactive and crazy experience that is amazing but also time consuming because it’s really all you can think about, let’s be real.

The Community 

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Last but certainly not least we have the community. With the show making it big international subtitles are needed for us english speaking folk and let me tell you, the fan base gets those English translations up fast. Really fast. It’s so lovely to have people take the time to translate every single episode and for that I, and everyone else who uses the translations, are extremely grateful. It’s a pretty great thing to be apart of.

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