4YE Quick List: In Appreciation Of The Women Of Sherlock

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Sherlock is of course all about the friendship between Sherlock Holmes and John Watson and how the two of them solve crimes together. However, behind every great man – in this case two men – stands an even stronger woman. Although in Sherlock’s and John’s case there are a few strong women who support and also shape their lives. Thus, they deserve all the appreciation and praising they can get, because without them Sherlock and John would be doomed.

“The Not Your Housekeeper” – Mrs Hudson

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Since the very first episode, Mrs Hudson provides the Baker Street Boys with tea and biscuits, even though she keeps insisting that she isn’t their housekeeper but their landlady. Nevertheless, she does clean for them and greets clients before sending them upstairs to 221B. Though, she never fails to provide a sassy remark. However, it was in series four, that we appreciated her even more and noticed that the landlady and widow of a drug cartel owner isn’t as innocent as we always thought. She surely is no one’s plot device and England, especially 221B, would fall without her.

“The One Who Counts” – Molly Hooper

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Molly probably developed the most of all of the women throughout the series. When we first met her, she was shy and would just take everything from Sherlock. However, throughout the seasons, Molly became more independent and stronger and she thoroughly stood her ground when it came to Sherlock. Even though, he treated her badly, she still was by his side. That doesn’t prove that she’s weak, but that she’s actually a strong woman. She’s totally above it all and knows he needs her help anyway, like he did during “The Reichenbach Fall.” Even though, she assumed she didn’t count at all, she did and I think that gave her the self-esteem boost that she needed. It certainly helped her and during series three and four, she kept telling off Sherlock on various occasions. Besides, Sherlock also viewed her as a woman clever enough to make her way in a man’s world during the special and that already should tell you enough about Molly Hooper.

Plus, she’s also the one everyone can probably relate to the most. She’s one of us and that’s why we love her so much.

“The Former Assassin” – Mary Morstan/Watson

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When we first met Mary, we already thought she was cool, as she immediately warmed to Sherlock, even though he had made everyone think he was dead for two years. She helped to bring our Baker Street Boys together again and for that we will always love Mary Morstan.

Although, as ordinary as we thought she was, we couldn’t have been more wrong. Mary is anything but ordinary and it came as quite a shock when we found out that she had been an assassin before. We hated her for a moment, before we started to love her again when we found out that she only shot Sherlock so she could save John and Sherlock both. Even after her death, she continued to save the boys and to help them get back together.

Mary was probably one of the strongest women on the show and I wish we could have seen more of Mary’s, Sherlock’s and John’s adventures together. Although, even after her death we still got to see Mary and especially John’s perception of his wife, which was already telling enough.

“The Woman” – Irene Adler

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Irene Adler may have physically only been in one episode, not including her short cameo in Sherlock’s mind palace in series three, yet the Woman has made an unforgettable impression on everyone, especially on Sherlock. And I don’t mean by just her nude entrance at the beginning of the episode.

Irene certainly is a strong woman and there are reasons why she literally and figuratively is the only woman who beat Sherlock Holmes. She was also the only woman in his mind palace, who has actually solved a case instead of helping Sherlock. Plus, the text alert noise, she had set up on Sherlock’s phone for herself is enough to bow down in front of her. Even though, she had lost her game in the end, she has won the detective’s heart and ours, nonetheless. The subtle hints are also reason enough for us to hope that in series five (if there is one) we will see her again.

“The Fake Girlfriend” – Janine

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Janine might not have made such an impressive impression on Sherlock, but she still was a strong character, even though Sherlock had just used her for his own good. However, the fact that Janine had used their “relationship” in return to gain some advantages as well, proves that she isn’t as weak and not as easily used as Sherlock thought her to be. That was also evident by her being part of the women’s movement during “The Abominable Bride.”

I can imagine Sherlock and her staying friends and I hope we will get to see her again someday.

“The East Wind” – Eurus Holmes

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To be fair, Eurus didn’t really help and support Sherlock and John, yet she is a major part of Sherlock’s life, even though he didn’t know about her until she became John’s psychiatrist and then started to play her own game with her brothers and John. However, she basically helped Sherlock be the man we got to know over the past four seasons and she’ll probably shape his life after that as well.

Despite her mental state, Eurus is a strong woman. So strong her brothers couldn’t even stop her right away but submitted to her games. I hope that we’ll get to see more of Eurus if there will be a series five, as she definitely is one of the most interesting characters of the show.

Anna Hattingen