4 Your Consideration: Tom Hiddleston Apologizes For Golden Globes Speech: Did He Need To?

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An awards show wouldn’t be an awards show without somebody taking aim at what was said by someone.
At yesterday’s Golden Globes, two stars were in the social media trolls sights, Meryl Streep and Tom Hiddleston.

While Streep was largely applauded for her speech during her Cecile B De Mille Lifetime Achievement Award, Hiddleston has been shredded for his.

Hiddleston picked up a Golden Globe for Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television.  His role as Jonathan Pine in The Night Manager kicked off a billion internet rumours about auditioning for the role of Bond.

Hiddleston’s speech recounted a story about one of his visits to South Sudan where he is making a documentary for UNICEF on the plight of this fledgling nation trapped in Civil War.   He told how the staff at Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) had told him a break in their work due to heavy shelling allowed them to binge watch The Night Manager and that they really enjoyed it. It was taken the wrong way and a lot of people looked upon as a self-serving self congratulatory story however that was never Hiddleston’s intent.

He was thanking those people, for whom he is an Ambassador for their tireless and quite often thankless work in fixing the world.

This morning the actor posted an apology on his facebook page.

Fans have taken to social media to defend and support Hiddleston who has been a proud UNICEF ambassador for coming up to 4 years, as well as taking part in Live Below The Line and other charitable events.

As one fan said and it is worth repeating often:
“People who DON’T think Tom Hiddleston’s Golden Globe acceptance speech was annoying:
Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Doctors Without Borders
Unicef UK
Unicef USA
Unicef South Sudan
The UN
Global Goals
And journalists who know the difference between Sudan and South Sudan.”

Yeah particularly that last part.

Charities that Tom Hiddleston works closely with have also tweeted their congratulations to the actor. 














While his on the spot speech might not have been his most elegantly presented speech on the topic, Hiddleston has said before that he is just a voice for those who have none.

When writing on his South Sudan visit for UNICEF he has said “I’m someone who can write about (this) and make people aware, but I’m not distributing vaccines; I’m not organizing transportation; I can’t make fortified milk for infants who are malnourished; I can’t build schools and find jobs and build training systems; I’m not a chemist; I’m not an engineer; I’m not a politician – I’m just in a position where people, some people, a few people, will read what I’ve got to say.”

It’s a sad state where one person can be hung out to dry because they dared to use a platform they have not to pat themselves, their manager, their parents and a religious deity on the back for their win but to highlight a plight in this world that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Am I biased towards the actor? Well yes quite possibly. I have followed his acting and charity work for several years now so I know his intent was not to blow his own trumpet.  Part of the reason it was taken the way it was might have something to do with his accent, which belies his fathers working class roots.

But are we really going to slam someone to the ground because in their nervousness they didn’t quite say what they wanted to say in the way some people though it should be said?

What we really should be talking about is how we can help those less fortunate than ourselves.

I think Josh Horowitz from MTV put it succinctly.

You can watch Hiddleston’s speech below.


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  1. I do not personally think he needed to apologize; however, I’m glad he did. You never know, some of the complainers may have had a personal connection to South Sudan, and ultimately he loses nothing and they gain a sense of acceptance, even with that connection.

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