Sherlock’s Mark Gatiss Talks About Baby Watson, Darker Theme And The End For The Hit Series

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The new series of Sherlock is merely a few days away now (yay!) and we already know quite a bit about the new series, though nothing big has been given away yet. Obviously.

But we already know who has been added to the cast and while we know the name and actor of the new villain, we also know that the Watsons are welcoming a baby girl, Rosamund Mary.

Obviously, the first will bring definitely new and dark adventures and we have yet to see what Culverton Smith has planned for Sherlock and John. The latter, however, will bring a new dynamic in a slightly different way to the duo (trio since series three).

According to the show’s creator Mark Gatiss, we don’t have to worry that the show will now be about “Two Men, a Woman and a Baby” as he told TVLine. Nevertheless, they did have fun with the addition to 221B and how Sherlock interacts with baby Rosie.

“He treats it like a case,” Gatiss describes the way Sherlock behaves around Rosie and treats the little girl. “It’s a set of problems to be solved. But babies don’t respond to logic in the same way.”

Especially, the latter can be seen in one of the promo pictures for series four in which we can see the three Watsons and Sherlock, while the detective is looking at Rosie quizzically.

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Despite the fun moments the arrival of Rosie will certainly bring to the show, it still won’t be only fun and laughter for the whole series. There definitely will be darker times ahead for Holmes and Watson, though not entirely either. It will be a mix of both, as Gatiss assures:

“The show hasn’t changed into becoming some sort of ‘Scandi noir,’ Stringberg-ian tragedy. It’s full of laughs, still. But it is a darker season, in many respects.”

As mentioned before, the new villain in London will bring this darkness over 221B and its inhabitants, but from the trailer it seems to be that Moriarty might be back as well. However, this is all speculation by the fans and Gatiss insists that “Moriarty is dead”.

If he really is dead and won’t be coming back, then how does Gatiss explain the broadcast at the end of series three?

“Maybe he’s a YouTuber,” the actor jokes. “That’s probably the future of international crime. How many followers does Moriarty have?”

Wouldn’t that be fun to find out in a few days when Sherlock returns? Or we’ll find out in the next series, though we have no idea if there will be a series after the fourth. After all, we’ve heard rumors about both possibilities before.

Mark Gatiss also has to add a few words to those rumors. The actor admits that they wouldn’t know if there will be a fifth series or not and adds that “these three [episodes], we’re very, very pleased with them. And everybody’s very keen to carry on. It’s just genuinely difficult to schedule everyone’s diaries. It was a nightmare to schedule this season… and that’s not going to go away. I mean, the success of Doctor Strange is not going to make Benedict short of work.”

Cumberbatch and Freeman are equally busy since Sherlock has first premiered back in 2010 and the gaps between each series just became wider and wider. We’ll probably just have to wait and see what will happen. Though Sherlockians probably wouldn’t mind waiting that long again for series five (if there will be one), as they became quite used to it already.

The actor of Mycroft Holmes has more to say to the possible end of Sherlock, though, which does not sound too optimistic, but nothing has been confirmed yet anyway, so we can’t be sure about it.

He says that “we certainly don’t want to wave goodbye to something like that lightly.” But he adds that “there is a great precedent for leaving well alone. [The classic UK sitcom] Fawlty Towers is twelve episodes, with four years apart. And it’s perfect.”

So, no one really knows how long Sherlock is going to last, we just know that the consulting detective will face his “Final Problem” in the last episode of series four.

Sherlock will return on New Years Day on BBC One in the UK and PBS in the US.

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