Sherlock Cast And Crew On The Dark Themes And Unnoticed Threads

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Sherlock day is almost upon us and while we get more excited about series four each day, cast and crew are eager to promote the upcoming series.

Filming took place this summer in London.

Digital Spy had been on set and talked to cast and crew about the new series afterwards.

Though, as per usual, they hardly gave anything away other than obvious facts. They still revealed a little bit more about the next three episodes, fans are longing for, even though it is very subtle.

“If you were to put him in a psychiatrist’s chair… You’re faced with someone who’s in a lot of trouble,” Cumberbatch says about our favorite detective.

He goes on and refers to Sherlock’s struggles in last year’s special “The Abominable Bride” in which we found out that the consulting detective is far from being clean, as we were led to believe before.

“If what we’ve seen before is an unravelling, then it’s a drop in the ocean compared to what’s to come.”

Now, that sounds like something really big is about to come.

From the trailers, so far, we could tell that this season is going to be a lot darker than before, which will be a huge change. Especially compared to season three, which had been a lot lighter. We’ve even gotten the idea that Sherlock is more human than we all thought.

“Without giving anything away, this is about as tough a journey as he goes on,” Sherlock writer Steven Moffat tells us. “Sherlock and John both, actually. This is about as difficult as it gets for them. They kind of go to hell and back this time.”

We already know that Mary isn’t as innocent as we thought she was and in the teaser trailers we see that she isn’t going to be innocent as in season three.

We also get introduced to a new villain, who will surely bring a lot of chaos to Holmes’ and Watson’s life in the episodes to come.

As seen in the trailer, Toby Jones, who is portraying Culverton Smith, makes a very good villain. The show’s creator, as well as, the actors are equally as impressed with the portrayal of Smith by Jones.

“If it’s possible to be even more creepy than Moriarty, he gives him a good run for his money,” grins Martin Freeman. “He’s pretty odious!”

“I hope Toby doesn’t mind me saying, but he’s a little man… and Benedict looms over him,” adds Moffat. “But he does weirdly somehow give an impression of a genuine physical threat. There is something he can do, in his compact way, that evokes an extraordinary amount of menace.”

Change is definitely going to come in series four and while this is exciting, it is also slightly worrying. After all, we really have no idea how the change is going to look.

The fact that the Watsons welcome a baby girl is one of the rather small changes in the next series.

We’ve already seen characters develop from season to season, but this time the change might be more obvious.

“It would be a very different show… and a much easier show in so many ways, if people never developed,” admits co-writer Mark Gatiss. “Which of course has been the way with several versions before – Sherlock Holmes barely changes from one series to the next, and Doctor Watson spends the whole time being astonished.”

“It’s obviously much more straightforward and also quite comforting. But with three films every couple of years, you’ve got to go somewhere.”

Otherwise, it would be rather boring, even die hard fans have to admit.

“It’s always better, when you’re doing something you’re familiar with or think you know, when you just have everything ripped from underneath you,” echoes Cumberbatch. “It’s just more challenging, more fun and more interesting – selfishly, but also I think for an audience.”

“It’s important to keep it fresh – to do stuff that we haven’t done before,” he adds. “There is no point coming back just to tick boxes.”

Cumberbatch’s co-star Martin Freeman adds to that: “The loyalty we have is pretty strong, and so it does give us license to shape-shift a little bit. I hope people look forward to what we will do with it. But… when you become successful, people – without being unkind – basically want you to die.”

Apparently, there have been clues regarding what is to come in the previous seasons. Some haven’t even been picked up on yet, as Mark Gatiss reveals.

“There are a number of threads we’ve been running through this,” Moffat nods. “Some of which people have noticed, very obviously, and, oddly enough, some of which nobody’s picked up on at all. But yes, there’s quite a lot of stuff by the end of these three episodes that is properly resolved. There is going to be a proper climax, I guarantee you that.”

I’m sure all Sherlockians already cannot wait to see what this “proper climax” will look like. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait that much longer to finally find out what the cast and crew have been teasing us for so long.

Benedict Cumberbatch is sure that it will pay off that we’ve been waiting for so long to finally watch series four.

“There are a huge number of pay-offs in this series,” he says. “I think, in the past, you could get away with watching a few episodes in isolation, but this… they’re vine branches in the jungle of Sherlock, you have to keep swinging from one to the next to really understand. And really… the pay-offs are massive if you do.”

Sherlock‘s series four will premier New Year’s Day on BBC One in the UK and on PBS in the US.

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