Ryan Reynolds Comments On The Deadpool Golden Globe Nom

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Damn Deadpool!

The 2016 mega-hit has had a pretty freaking amazing year. Yesterday, it picked up Best Comedy at the Critics’ Choice Awards along with Best Comedy Actor for Ryan Reynolds.

Today, it has done something that not even The Dark Knight has done: Deadpool was nominated for a Golden Globe award, which were announced today.

This makes Deadpool the first superhero film to be nominated for a Golden Globe award.

Granted, if The Martian could get nominated last year for Best Comedy, then an actually funny film should be as well.

In addition to the Best Comedy or Musical Film, Ryan Reynolds also got an award nomination for Deadpool. This just caps off a hugely successful year for Reynolds.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Reynolds talks about how he learned of the nominations.

He said: “Yeah, I was staring down the barrel of one hell of a dirty diaper. I heard my phone and I knew that could only mean one thing: A family member had died. My brother finally ate it.”

Of course once he was no longer wrist deep in a dirty diaper, Reynolds was touched for the recognition.

“I’ve been acting professionally for 25 years, to varying degrees of success, and it’s a special moment to see something that you’ve stuck with for the long game pay off. There were many times when I thought this movie wouldn’t ever be made or it would made 20 years in the future, when I’d be too geriatric to be in it.”

Truthfully, this feels like vindication for all the people who did not believe that Deadpool would succeed as a film. It must feel so good to have proved them wrong.

Seriously, though, congratulations to Deadpool!

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